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Monday, June 19, 2006

GUEST BLOG: Living up to a stereotype

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There is a belief that Japan is to the Pacific, what England is to Europe and America is to the world - a cultural arrogance which sees their race as superior and thus above the rules on resources others have to stick to. We see this superiority complex in the current whaling debate but there is more than tree-hugger sentiments to a large mammal at stake here - it is about stopping aggressive Japanese cultural arrogance from asserting any more authority in our part of the world.

Not since the Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere have we seen such a unilateral expansion aimed at our Southern Oceans. it's not just that the Japanese want to cruelly maim and butcher a large animal in an excruciating manner (NZ being the top abattoir for boutique cuts to Europe doesn't give us moral bragging rights on animal husbandry) it is the farcical argument from Japan for doing so which we have to fight against.

Scientific Whaling is as much a misnomer as 'Torturing for Freedom' or 'War for Peace'. Scientific Whaling is a farce and to forward such an argument shows utter contempt on the part of the Japanese for our intellect. We must remind our Japanese friends that we are not stupid, that we don't believe for one second that their whaling is for scientific purposes and explain to them that it is their cultural arrogance that drives their insatiable hunger for
natural resources. The fact they have bribed many poor countries on the IWC to vote their way only adds insult to injury. It's time we started making our Japanese friends feel a little less welcome.

Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury


At 19/6/06 3:47 pm, Blogger Oliver said...

Damn right Bomber! Honestly, hearing the Japanese say that we were almost equivalent to Adolf Hitler for stopping them from whaling took the cake.

Just because something is a tradition, like child rape on Pitcairn Island, doesn't mean it's healthy or has to continue.

At 19/6/06 8:39 pm, Blogger yellowpeep said...

oliver, then why are american natives allowed to hunt whales without being accused ? your metaphor is logically mistaken.

At 19/6/06 9:52 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

Because they don't come into our backyard with a fleet of factory ships - maybe that might have something to do with it?

At 21/6/06 1:01 pm, Blogger JamesP said...

I've got no problems with traditional whaling. If you've got the stones to go chasing whales in a row boat with a hand-held harpoon and it's your tradition then go right ahead. Compared to the scale of industrial whaling it's a non-issue and not worth stomping any cultural toes over.

As for vote buying I find it rather ironic that the anti whalers are so angry about it. Look back 25 years and you will find that the only reason there is a moratorium is because Peter Scott and the WWF went around signing up tinpot countries to the IWC, paying their dues, and offering other incentives to get them to vote for it. The root of the problem is the conceit that countries like Tuvalu deserve an equal say in world affairs to countries like America or Japan. A problem that is common to most multinational organisations including the IWC.


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