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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our Constitutional Gerrymander

Dame Silvia's musings on the Treaty of Waitangi and our constitution prior to leaving office to sit on a war crimes tribunal for Cambodia has come as no surprise to me. Many people in this country would have expected her to perhaps do somewhat more than take the less than one hour to sign off on the Foreshore and Seabed Act (you know, the anti-constitutional one that the UN report has found wanting) whilst holidaying at an undisclosed location when it was sent to her for her assent, given that many petitions asking her, begging her, to taihoa had been pouring into Government House since it was rushed into law with the utmost of undue haste after being re-written at the last possible moment by two ex-pat Poms (Michael Cullen and Dale Jones) and a cobbled together coalition of fear in Parliament earlier that week. In that respect the woman is negligent and has failed the people in order to reinforce the government and executive power at the expense of constitutionality. In that respect she is in no position for us to treat her words with anything other than tepid scepticism at best - dismissive contempt at par.

So in that context, that is to say the stench of hypocrisy forewarned, let us review her recent comments:

"If we are to make changes to our constitution to reflect the role of the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand society, it is important that all New Zealanders walk together at more or less the same pace."

Dame Silvia made the comments in a speech entitled "Our Constitutional Journey" to the Legal Research Foundation at the Northern Club in Auckland.

She said that since the 1970s there had been a consistent call from Maoridom for constitutional change to give greater effect to the Treaty of Waitangi.

The place of the Treaty in constitutional arrangements was one of the most important questions facing the country.

"It is not an issue that we can address with hasty reforms. It is something that all New Zealanders need time to reflect on, and discuss."

When she says "it is important that all New Zealanders walk together at more or less the same pace" she means that the slowest walker, ie. the most racist, red neck, Taranaki/Waikato/BOP benificiary of their forefathers' Crown-sanctioned genocide (ie. the exact same thing she is supposed to be bringing to justice in Cambodia) and wholesale land theft, or the streams of ignorant immigrants, can forever veto reform and can stop us moving forward. She is saying that Rosa Parks needs to stay at the back of the bus and behave herself until the boss man has a change of heart... at some stage in the very distant future. She lecturers us in glib vice-regal platitudes about going slow:

"As any good tramper knows, it is no good if a few eager-beavers take off ahead while others get left behind. The same can be said of significant constitutional change. "

Well, Cartwright, maybe the people being "left behind" are racist scum who have been oppressing all the other people and deserve to be alienated. Maybe those laggards have to see the others reach the end point to have confidence to get a move on and join them. White South Africa's referendum to end Apartheid in 1992 only just crossed the 2/3 threshold - would Cartwright have recommended they put that off for 50 years while the slow ones catch up? There are far more applicable, thoughtful and sanguine analogies than the depressing and negative one she chooses to draw.

Like the American constitution that had such fine words but failed to live up to those sentiments for many of it's people so the Treaty could be seen in the same light.

Cartwright is just doing what Governor-General's of old used to dispense: soothing inaccuracies and living out Pakeha Mythology - every bit as much as if she had the chooks feather hat on and declared that there is no racism in New Zealand. Only now the silly hats are gone but the essence of their political ideology and calculated appeasement has not. Is it in every Governor's job description to placate ignorant, beligerent Pakeha? When that negligent woman signed that Bill into law she chose to walk down the wrong path. She chose to ignor the warnings. She chose to let that constitutional journey go backwards - and then she has the temerity to opine on the matter and ignor her own constitutional malfeasance. The whole situation is just pathetic.

As far as her appointment to Cambodia goes I hope she doesn't go on holiday and then take less than an hour to read all the evidence before passing judgement on the accused in the same manner as she conducted the affairs of state while Governor-General. She is marginally more helpful in a judicial role than in mine clearance however, but there's nothing to stop her doing some of that once the trials are over.


At 10/5/06 2:38 pm, Anonymous JRW said...

For years we have been bombarded with government policy, opposition banter, and media reporting, that as a people, Maori are highly over-represnted in statitics. There is a plethora of bad statistics that are always kept close to the hand of "Honourable" [sic] Members of Parliament, which will sure fire get the collective media mouths frothing.

Indeed, when you get right down to it, the insecurity felt at the lack of a clear national identity is foremost behind the cheap shot use of such statisitical analysis.

Let me ask you, when Don Brash commented in his Orewa Speech of sooooo long ago, that we should all be "One" New Zealand, who's New Zealand did he want us to be? I am Maori and I know who I am, I am sorry if he doesn't. But more than that, I don't think I want to be his "One" New Zealand, and I'm not sure my relations would be all that amused if he decided he wanted to be my New Zealand as well.

Now while you're thinking about who's One New Zealand we are, consider that there are always three things that insight the most amount of comment in the media and parliament.

I call it the Holy Trinity: (1) Maori, (2) Immigrants and (3) Crime.

Are you thinking about it? When Crime is down, all of a sudden we have an immigration crisis because more kiwi's are leaving our fair country, and we're having an explosion of migrants. When Immigration is off the radar, it's because Crime is up, and we need more police to keep us safe from all the immigrants and Maori, and as is always the case, if Maori aren't making the headlines with their latest "unfair" [sic] occupation of a good farmers prime land, then their crime rate is up, and hello top shelf statistics showing a growing economic burden!!

The cycle is never ending for Pakeha New Zealand. The revisionist history makers of New Zealand History need to be clear about what happened in the country, and the flow on generational affects that had. Coupled with less than favourable paternal gevernments and legislative measures to tame and assimilate, you're damned sure right that Maori are angry!

Why should we wait for Pakeha New Zealand to think about how they are going to address the Maori Problem? We've been waiting over 150 years for them to think about it. And you can bet you're bottom dollar over that time they've been thinking alright.

The Governor General was quoted as saying "As any good tramper knows, it is no good if a few eager-beavers take off ahead while others get left behind. The same can be said of significant constitutional change. "

Well I say, Maori we're the ones left behind. And it has only been in the past 20 - 30 years that we have caught up again. Now when we are surging ahead, all of a sudden its "wait for us!!"

I am tired of being used. I am tired of being another statistic to bandy around when it is most convienant, I am tired of waiting for the Hi-Di-Hi trampers to catch up.

I say move over and eat my dirt, or I will walk right over you. The time is not next year, its not in 5 years time when there will be full and final settlement of all historical treaty claims [sic], it will not be in 10 years time when the cut off to lodging customary coastal rights applications under the Foreshore Seabed Act occurs, and it won't be in 2040 when Don Brash's One New Zealand decide it would be a good time to learn from history and reforge/rewrite the Treaty of Waitangi.

The time is now, and I anxiously await your phone call Aunty Helen!!!

At 11/5/06 8:05 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

cartwright we hate her so much tj, in the mens movement, man she and them screwed us so hard i cried,

At 11/5/06 8:13 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

tj i just trawl across to your commentator a minute,

you dont have to worry about poor old Don, look he can hardly walk the plank, we won't get him for PM, NAT is dead, ACT is dancing on TV#,
the difficulty for you and tj is who will the crazy helengrad appoint as ruler,

At 23/5/06 8:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JRW, I am also tired of every whinging fucking Maori who blames evry fucking thing on the "Pakeha". Fucking hell, why are there numerous Maori who achieve and are successful? It's because they don't sit on their arses whining about events of 160 years ago. Get the chip off your shoulder and join the global world or you'll whinge yourself to death.


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