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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yawn news

UMR has just telephoned to complete a survey on One News. Oh joy, at last I could tell someone what I think of Tony Vietch and Simon Dallow. I feel much better now.

Yes, Bill Ralston is pissing the Govt. dividends away on desperate opinion polling. What a waste. He obviously has no idea - just keep changing everything around and keep polling - while the ratings slide. Each time something changes it's one more reason to change to 3 - because One becomes less "established" and "familiar." I don't think he understands that. Sure, rejuvination is always necessary, but not Tony Vietch - he's repulsive - most people I know cannot stand him for even one second. Automatic turn-over. Simon Dallow's a smarmy know-it-all creep too. They just aren't likable.

And so there will be more gnashing of teeth etc. at TVNZ HQ and another panicked response to claw back the Auckland market. More "Your news" bullshit? It's just patronising crap - meaningless cack. The questions about whether a news show gives me "opportunities to contribute" to stories is clearly aimed at the One news ad campaign. Well it's stink. It's not talkback - it's a network fucking news broadcast! If a show is good I shouldn't have to contribute should I? Don't they know what the news is? Are members of the public really supposed to add to news stories? Ridiculous.

So here are the questions and also how I answered them (has been abbreviated):

All questions related to news shows 5:30-7pm

Where do you get your news from?: internet/newspapers/tv/radio/magazines/word of mouth

Which evening news do you watch mainly?: 3

Have you watched One news at all in the last few days?: Yes

Have you changed news shows in last year?: yes

In past few months have you considered changing channels and watching one news?: no

Your ideal news show? (0=not important - very important=10)

fresh/dynamic 5
comprehensive national news 10
politics 10
weather 0
feeling I can relate to presenters 6
international 10
providing me with opportunties conribute to stories 0
being established/familiar 1
providing stories that enable me to understand how this news will impact on my life 6
sports 3
latest news as it happens 9
feeling respectful/doesn't talk down to me 8

Which feature most important?: national news
Which feature least important?: weather

How do the news shows measure up? (0=very bad - very good=10) One news/3 news

international 5/8
fresh/dynamic 2/8
politics: 5/8
national: 6/8
contribute: 3/3
respectful: 0/9
latest: 6/8
understand impact: 6/7
sports: 4/8
presenters: 0/10
weather: 5/6
established/familair: 1/9

Compared with other news sources? (0=very bad - 10=very good) One news/3 news

adds value: 4/8
new angles/perspectives stories: 3/7
handles stories already covered: 5/7


One news presenters (0=very bad - very good=10)
Simon Dallow: 0 reasons: smug/combative unscripted asides to Neil Waka/patronising and condescending/smary/know-it-all
Wendy Petrie: 0 reasons: smarmy/light-weight/non-intelligence
One news additional comments: sack Tony Veitch/less weather/stop sacking everyone - except Tony Veitch and weather presenters: sack them.

3 news presenters (0=very bad - very good=10)
Hillary Barry: 7
Mike McRoberts: 8


Seen any ads for 3 news/prime/one news?: yes: magzines/newspapers/billboards/buses (and mail drop for one news)
Seen any ads for Sky news?: no

What do you recall about one news ads?: "your news" /wendy is hot says taxi driver
What is message you take from one news ads?: changed presenters/ratings battle

Ads for news (0=very bad - very good=10) one news/3 news
more likely to watch show 0/6
believable 0/6
new information 0/2
different info 5/5
enjoy watching it 0/1
points are relevant 0/1
seem more appealing 0/3


Age/occupation/main grocery shopper/income/renting-owning/adults in household/ethnic group(s)/rural-urban/children/sky tv


Oh so very harsh on One. Ralston killed off Judy - for no good reason - what do you expect!? I added that Tony Marsh is hot and that's the only good thing about the weather on either channel, but forgot to say that Pippa Wetzell on weather duty would be a great move for One. Unfortunately without devoting serious stalking time this is all I could find (it certainly looks like her but the site is in Chinese):

UPDATE: A quality control person rang back so I got to record my advice on regime change in the weather department. I insisted that "Pippa is hotter than Wendy" be added also.


At 1/5/06 3:27 pm, Anonymous RR said...

Agree re saturation weather coverage, as it were. Why do weather 'stories' so often even lead? All you need to know is; in summer it tends to be warmer and doesn't rain quite as much, in winter it's cooler, and rains more often. If there's going to be a hurricane i appreciate knowing. Apart from that, what's the point? Some people (not me particularly) like rain; why is it always portrayed negatively when rain's on the forecast. Toni is hot though.

At 2/5/06 7:50 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

you fellow need a good slap up for bad taste, that weather girl tv3
just no boobs, too skinny, think about it,and pull youselves together .. mebe you brains addled by unreality tv before you got there,
see what bill ratslon done to you,
I decommissioned TV1 and TV2 and after some minor yelping the boys became accustomed to swilling their liquor in from of them good wholesome ethnic program on Maori TV haha sad for helengrad she get to pay front up for pretty face judy this time,
then some Chinese CCTV and European which slips in through he local channel,
and the result good, their health much better,

At 3/5/06 2:19 pm, Blogger Lesly said...

TV ONE = "your news" (so the ad goes)

It certainly is not MY news ...

TV ONE = "none news" (absolutely lightweight and never changing, boring formula) (in my opinion)

I cannot comment on TV3 News - as unfortunately I am not 'in charge' of the remote control ....


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