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Friday, April 07, 2006

NZ house/French doors

Rt Hon Winston Peters
Minister of Foreign Affairs

05 April 2006
Media Release

Peters signs agreement with Niue and France

New Zealand, France and Niue have today signed an agreement to fund a new multi-million dollar government administration block as part of reconstruction efforts following Cyclone Heta.

The activities of our Foreign Minister (on one of the few assignments that Our Dear Leader has entrusted to him) reveal his chest-beating over our role in the South Pacific is a poor joke. The fact is our government (that he says he isn't really part of) can't even be stuffed showing responsibility for New Zealand citizens in the Realm of New Zealand:

The agreement was signed by Niue’s High Commissioner to New Zealand, HE Mrs Sisilia Talagi, France's Minister for Overseas Territories, Mr François Baroin, and Mr Peters. [...]

“New Zealand and Niue have long had a special relationship, and this project is an example also of France’s cooperation in the Pacific."

Today’s agreement includes France’s contribution of €530,000 to fund the construction of the building.

New Zealand will provide additional funding and support for the completion of the project of up to $2 million under the 2004 Halavaka ke he Monuina Agreement for strengthened cooperation between the two countries.

It is not in the interests of New Zealand or the rest of the South Pacific to have any colonial power, especially France, on our turf in any way whatsoever. "Co-operating"!? Why is MFAT encouraging France to continue it's colonial interference? To save a million bucks? Is that all our pride, all our respect, all our mana is worth? The Labour government took blood money for French State terrorism against us in the 80s and nothing in our stance has changed. Shameful. Negligent.

Maybe the French can install microphones and transmitters in the building too. That is in their interests. New Zealand citizens having their government buildings funded by France is well over the limit. Supporting, encouraging and facilitating colonialism is what we are doing here - the exact opposite of our international commitments.


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