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Thursday, April 27, 2006

M Bradbury guest blog: Media lies 102

-------------------------GUEST BLOG: M BRADBURY------------------------

Media lies 102

Last week a little moment in history passed without ANY comment. I won' t throw myself into a pit of rage over the fact that the mainstream media in their usual blind pursuit of the trivial and mediocre didn' t bother to look over their shoulder at this event, I mean who likes to remind anyone that their coverage of an issue was so full of official propaganda that it would make Goebbels smile.

The event I speak of was Waco Texas. 13 years ago the fiery Armageddon David Koresh had prophesised to his followers came to pass. The cover up and white wash of the officially sanctioned murder that was committed that day against members of the Branch Dividian by the FBI should be held high as an example of how the corporate media act as propaganda merchants and dis-information spreaders that effectively allows the US government of getting away with murder.

For those of you who have been blinded by the official story, let me enlighten you:

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, exercising its mandate to "regulate" firearms, refused all invitations from cult leader David Koresh to inspect his licensed weapons. The A.T.F. instead opted for fun. Under pressure to explain a number of bungled operations, the ATF phoned local media the day prior to their Branch Dividian raid to try and drum up good PR and deflect criticism that they were a heavily militarised, budget bloated pack of incompetent morons. More than 100 A.T.F. agents, without proper warrants, attacked the church's compound while, overhead, at least one A.T.F. helicopter fired at the roof of the main building. Six Branch Davidians were killed that day. Four A.T.F. agents were shot dead, by friendly fire.

There was a stand-off. Followed by a 51-day siege in which loud music and rabbits screaming was played 24 hours a day outside the compound. Then electricity was turned off. Food was denied the children, and the body of one of the Branch Dividians was run over 6 times by a tank on the front lawn - that will make those inside the compound feel less frightened.

Meanwhile, the media were briefed regularly on the evils of David Koresh. Apparently, he was making and selling crystal meth; he was also - what else in these sick times? - not a man of God but a paedophile. The new Attorney-General, Janet Reno, then got tough. On April 19 she ordered the F.B.I. to finish up what the A.T.F. had begun. In defiance of the Posse Comitatus Act (a basic bulwark of fragile American liberties that forbids the use of the military against civilians), tanks of the Texas National Guard and the army's Joint Task Force 6 attacked the compound with a gas deadly to children and not too healthy for adults while ramming holes in the building. Some Davidians escaped. Others were shot dead by F.B.I. snipers.

In an investigation six years later, the F.B.I. denied ever shooting off anything much more than a pyrotechnic tear-gas canister. Finally, during a six-hour assault, the building was set fire to and then bulldozed by Bradley armoured vehicles. God saw to it that no F.B.I. man was hurt while 77 cult members were killed, of whom 27 were children. It was a great victory for Uncle Sam, as intended by the F.B.I., whose code name for the assault was "Show Time."

The only ramification from this day of horror came on its anniversary two years later, when At 9:02 am on Wednesday, April 19, 1995, a highly decorated Gulf War veteran, who had read about what had really happened at Waco, exploded a van bomb outside the federal building in Oklahoma City killing 168 men, women, and children. His name was Timothy McVeigh.

The fundamental lesson of consequences was missed by the American mainstream media and as we can see by their involvement in the Iraq war has still yet to be learned.



At 27/4/06 5:10 pm, Blogger Lyndon said...

"In defiance of the Posse Comitatus Act..."

Well, I'm told there was an exemption for using tanks to break down the walls of drug labs (you might remember that the "war on" of the moment was "drugs").

Hence the groundless (as I think someone from the FBI later admitted) claim about the drugs.

And not wanting to suggest the tanks were only used for demolition.


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