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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

The Lord of the Blog has finally removed this blog from the "Left" and placed it in the "Centre". At long last. I think Mr Farrar had problems reconciling that anyone who thinks Maori are worth as much as Pakeha could be anything other than left wing :)

Unfortunately in a blogocracy that is weighted heavily towards right wingers of a conservative stripe (of whom most are white - and the Maori ones being even more conservative and strident) and a minority of Lefties made up of feminists, Labour party apologists and Alliance die-hards it has been very difficult for this blog to find any "natural" constituency despite many overlapping areas of consensus/similar interests. If we take the blogosphere more widely we can add to that list frivilous/tepid personal blogs and geekdom to the component parts of which this blog would find no natural counterparts.

So, I have decided to interpret this as meaning you, dear reader, are currently visiting a boutique blog, an élite blog, a premium blog. Since December and the move to a better looking, more information-rich format and a commitment to "free-to-view premium content" (esp. film reviews) there has been a lift in the quality (at least it feels that way), and certainly a lift in the diversity of subject matter. Translating that into traffic is a task made harder by lack of incoming links from other blogs and perhaps to a much lesser extent an unwillingness on my part to post items other than that which interests me personally.

There have been several issues (eg. dog micro-chipping, recycling arsons(?) etc.) where this blog has been ahead of the news. Not that anyone - apart from you dear readers - would have known. There have been many ideas floated too that deserve more interest than they will ever receive. As the first anniversary of this blog (27 April) approaches, I will make a full report closer to that date.



At 8/4/06 5:09 pm, Blogger Zippy Gonzales said...

Mate, don't get too hard on the Blogfather. It took me a while to work out where to place you (in the Indigo). At the end of the day, who cares what other people think?

At 8/4/06 5:38 pm, Blogger Jesus Crux said...

love it how you still got Bhat's blog on your sidebar, it's classic : P

At 8/4/06 10:26 pm, Anonymous Graham Watson said...

I noted your lurch to the centre a few days ago with a chuckle.

At 9/4/06 1:36 am, Blogger t selwyn said...

I remember seeing an ideological axis test that you had taken and you were not in the centre. That means the test was faulty. They should re-calibrate every test so that you are in the dead centre - the closer to the centre you are the more accurate the test!

Putting people, or assessing content, in black and white ideological terms is riddled with problems at the best of times. For DPF to acknowledge that this blog is now in the grey area is to his credit. It takes some people a long time to overcome their initial prejudices and revise their stance based on facts as they emerge.

"Centrist"? No-one has ever, ever, accused me of that before. Maybe I'm a centrist of the future? Maybe in 20 years I'll be considered a centrist?

Removed the Banksie love-fest. Mr Bhatnagar was diligent enough to also remind me that someone is cybersquatting(?) blognapping(?) his old blog and that his own website explains that. But really, AB had a lot of material on that blog - as a records hoarder it horrifies me that it could all be erased like that - he'd make a very poor Nazi.

"At the end of the day, who cares what other people think?" - Well I make my blog roll with political icons for the sake of others as much as I like the pretty little buttons for aesthetic reasons - so they know what they are in for and let like minds find each other. Self-identification is the most important aspect. Although I do like all the different categories that blogs have for others in their pursuit of defining who they are through how they define others. In that respect I might be the most unimaginative and clinical of them all.

If anyone objects to their category I will change it.

At 9/4/06 8:23 am, Blogger Nick Eynon said...

Selwyn, ever since Akl Uni you have been and always will be a 'zealot' to me - and that's a compliment!

At 9/4/06 9:36 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

all this time the fascists been say to me, look I don’t know you should be
reading TJ, cause like he really a middle class Aucklander living in Tameke, where they don’t have dog which bite too hard, though in my experience any dog bite at all is a bit hard, personally I always take two gram of amoxicillin and a glass of fortify every time the dog bite,
but anyway, now of course you up on charges all the fascist want to know you, because you a boutique sedit if ever I read one, so I read them out of the dictionary about sedition and insurrection and stuff, and they eyes just open in admiration like, and so they send you warm regards, most of thems been trying all their Welfare dependency lives to be seditious and complete failures they have been at it, I send one out to kill all the cabbage trees what council planted and he came back and said he couldn’t manage, he lost the roundup and anyway it was dark,
and that stuff you do telling off the governer and like you do,
I spose the pansys at the department of correct think get to read the best column in the country, but look TJ, we owe you big favour, and we got it on our mind to do good to you, because we, well one of the fascist bros make four thousand dollar on your previous recommendation about the
‘Rapid sudden decline of the $NZ”, and sure enough, probably your classical economic outlook which put you so firmly in the center,
I had to say to them, you don’t go up to the trial, what do you think the judge think if he see fascist support, look you just keep right away dudes, the last thing TJ need now is a loud mouth extremist going yo yo yo,
So well then they start crying all over, and drinking to seditious and stuff, and well next thing they and then they said ok well if we can’t go up there with our gear, to help TJ well then we going to mint another gold medal for TJ, you see the boys ,they see you as a middle class hero,
even though that old Farrer read your blog and it almost take the shine off you heroic position, but not really because even old Farrer well he got to learn from somewhere, and why not the boutique middle class maori,
it true what stan say it a dead give away having Bhatnagar on link,
you voted NAT, everybody know, TJ vote NAT, but I just put that there where hardly no-one see it, now if there anything we can do about this conspiracy which the government doing to you we would, and that include practical help,

At 22/4/06 5:02 pm, Blogger Frederick Aloysius Weld said...

". Translating that into traffic is a task made harder by lack of incoming links from other blogs"
- just remember a lot of people use feed readers and so won't show up on your site stats.


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