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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Christchurch: I'll cut you up

You just can't trust those Mainland peasants with liquor - at least that's what they think about themselves!

To an Aucklander their voluntary "one-way door policy" of locking everyone out of pubs and clubs at 1am (they want to make it 3am) to solve their ills is idiocy on roller skates. Forcing people to crowd into bars where the owner will have a monopoly every night is simply insane. Quite apart from the complete denial of any possibility of a mature, grown-up, developed, sophisticated drinking/entertainment culture ever coming into being it will result in more of the violence and mayhem that it purports to solve.

It is all so obvious. If you lock people out they will be angry. If you lock people out they will find "dodgy" places to go. If you lock people out then the civilised peoples of nations outside the South Island will conclude that they are visiting a barbarous back-water of regression. If you lock people out they will think that Jim Anderton is in control. If you lock people out you are a bloody idiot.

The Press report is hilarious:

Mike Prebble, manager of central city bar Coyotes, said there had been a few fights in the city about 1am as people realised they were going to be locked out.
"When you get that amount of people in one area, you are bound to get some fights," he said.

In CHCH that is. Of course, any congregation of a few dozen South Islanders will automatically lead to violence. In Auckland there is a tendency not to. Maybe they are all pussy/sissy/girly metrosexuals who don't want to get their man make-up messed up - or maybe they are just far more civilised.

And their precious bumpkin Mayor"

Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore said if a permanent lockdown was the best way to curb alcohol-fuelled violence, then he supported its introduction.
The city's image was being tainted by "drunken slobs" who showed little or no respect for people or property

Well the city's image is tainted by neo-Nazis proudly strutting around and His Worship too scared of them to let an anti-racism march go ahead in case it provokes violence (!?) - quite apart from the goofy Moore himself although no doubt full of good intentions.

And then this gem:

"We want people to have a good night out, but we'd prefer them to go home to bed early," Moore said.

Do you love that, or what? Sure, they'll all go home early like good Protestants, say their prayers and get a good kip... This guy is on another planet.

A TVNZ report puts it all in glowing terms:

A lock-in policy trialled in Christchurch bars over Easter is being hailed as a success by police and many bar owners.

The one-way door system trailed on Thursday and Saturday nights meant that those already in bars after 1am were allowed to remain but nobody else was let in.

Inspector Gary Knowles says on Thursday night people were a bit confused about the policy but the problems were ironed out on Saturday. He says initial results are very positive.

Knowles says they will now talk to licensees and their partner agencies about their experiences and look at having a six month trial of 3am lock-ins.

The Hospitality Association in Canterbury says feedback has mostly been positive.

But the owner of Foam Bar, Mike Dunlay, says the lock-in means people don't leave and keep on drinking. He says for many people moving between bars is a normal part of a night out.

That's right - it is normal for many people in places (such as Auckland) to go out and behave themselves at all hours. Many may dine or attend a show and then want to go to a bar, (horror!) after 1am - even after 3am - especially other hospo workers. People keep on drinking - that's great for the owner, not for the patrons. Everyone having to rush to bars before the curfew - praying they don't start up some tdisagreeable musice that they will be forced to listen to all evening. And after selecting your bar right at the curfew time a whole bunch of drunks will pour in no doubt each time. So you are trapped with these hoons and can't go anywhere else. It just sounds apalling.

Dear, dear Christchurch, the rest of the world laughs at you once more.


At 18/4/06 7:14 pm, Blogger Zippy Gonzales said...

Why don't they just bring back 6 o'clock closing and be done with it?

At 20/4/06 3:49 pm, Blogger andrew said...

It's a very well known fact that EVERYONE is tucked up in bed after 10pm in Christchurch.
Civilised late night coffee? Forget it...
A burger and fries after midnight? You must be joking!

At 22/4/06 9:52 am, Blogger peterquixote said...

jeex tj, one mention of gary the irish mayor and them fascist start dressing up with them full battle gear, we scoured the entire city to look for his replacement after the assignation, and you know there not one middle class with the guts to lead the place, so we deserved to be laffer at all the time, we just sleep away in front of the monitor look at charlotte boobs in travel picture and ten oclock awful late to go to bed i usually like to say to the fascist look if yous dont in bed by ten well then don't come back here hollerin at some morning hour this a decent place now the neighbour don't even knbow we a bunch of beneficiary since the place get gentrified, we don't even know how to be socialists any more, well over at my site i recount my dream of how you get famous at the trial of conspiracy,


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