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Monday, March 27, 2006


Arrived in the Grey Lynn mailbox the other day. Two leaflets:
Leaflet 1: "You should know this man" - all about Muhammad and various Western Authorities praising Muhammad, contact: Al Manar Trust & Auckland Islamic Resource Centre.
Leaflet 2: "Public Lecture: Explore the life of Muhammad" - Free lecture organised by Al Manar Trust in co-operation with the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ (FIANZ).

Great, just what we need, Koran-bashers. Next they'll be actually visiting... in person.

What is this Al Manar Trust then? From their website:

2.1. Objectives
1. Preventing the Muslim community from dissolving into the western culture by preserving their Muslim faith and culture
2. The preparation of a Muslim generation that is able of spreading Islam in New Zealand
3. Unification of Muslims in New Zealand by encouraging team work
4. Teaching the Muslim children the principles of Islamic faith

Notice "and culture" - not just "faith". It is a "culture" apparently - I guess in a way that Christians do not have culture? Do they mean Arabic language? What culture as distinct from faith? And the word "Preventing" - doesn't sound very positive does it? Sounds very regressive. "Dissolving into the western culture" - yes that would be terrible wouldn't it - I mean they've only decided to live in a Western country - why should they not actively try to be separate from it?

And is this chilling, or is it just me: "The preparation of a Muslim generation that is able of spreading Islam in New Zealand." - What about fucking off, because we already have religion here - and atheism and agnosticism - the natural next step after education. A generation able to spread Islam. Now this means culture as well as faith we must assume. And brainwashing the kids thrown in there as well - hey, it wouldn't be a cult without that element.

So, to recap the objectives of the Al Manar Trust:

1. Stopping Muslims integrating into NZ society
2. Make entire generation of cult recruiters
3. Consolidate cult group
4. Brainwash children into cult


And later much talk of the Arab language and how important that is - perhaps the "culture" of which they speak:

"need to keep their children in touch with their mother’s language, the language of Qura’an. [...] The school teaches Arabic language, Islamic education and Islamic culture."


And what is this "Share'ah" of which they speak?

"3.7. Share’ah Educational Activities

One of the main objectives of Al-Manar Trust is to expand the knowledge the Islamic Share’ah principles between Muslims in New Zealand. To achieve that goal Al-Manar Trust has organised the following Share’ah educational courses in co-operation with Saudi Arabian Universities:"

And of future activities:

"Because having an Islamic school in our community is an effective tool to save our children from dissolving into the western culture."

Again with the "western culture" thing. Don't really get it, do they. "Save our children" - from being like us?! Well, that's sorta, kinda, anti-local, not the reason why we let them come here in the first place - not really meeting our expectations are they? Certainly not mine. Their resistant attitude sounds hostile. I've said it mant times before, but it bears repeating: we should not let religious/cult people (esp. their professional practioners) settle in this country. These Muslims advance a foreign, unnecessary and incompatible range of ideas and behaviours. See how quickly they try to translate this into changing our law to advantage the status of their cult. Mosques in schools - already happened in Christchurch. Headscarfs in schools - already happens in Auckland. Now what?


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