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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Film Review: Derailed


Director: Mikael Hafstrom
Cast: Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston, Vincent Cassel

Though based on a novel this is essentially a very classic Hitchcock plot - that in itself is probably too much of a give away. Those in search of an amazing train journey will be disappointed - this vehicle for Aniston and Owen is however more than just a commuter train into Chicago.

Aniston is overly dull - she seems limited compared with Owen who has come a long way from the romper-stomper roles that launched him. As a pair of married middle-management suburbanites their affair starts off unremarkably but takes a horrifying turn as the typical American bete noir, the Frenchy "euro-criminal" (Cassel), destroys their relationship amidst extortion and intimidation. This is where it picks up - but also falters. The success of the extraordinarily brazen euro-criminal is wholly dependent on our suspension of disbelief; but this in itself doesn't negate some geniunely brutal moments.

As a thriller and a drama it could probably be much more with different actors and while we are at it in the hands of perhaps a director who could utilise more of the suspense and terror through cinematography rather than relying on plot twists to do the work.

More standard fare from Bob and Harvey Weinstein's sausage factory.

3/5 stars


At 26/3/06 2:42 pm, Blogger pink panda said...

i'm so confused... is this movie even out yet? how did you get to see it so early?


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