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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Death List 2006: Update

NZ Herald report:
MOSCOW - Slobodan Milosevic, 64, died in a detention centre of the UN war crimes tribunal, where he was charged with 66 counts of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in indictments covering conflicts in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo as Yugoslavia imploded.

From memory Milosevic's family has a history of suicide - that could be the case here. I wonder how his missus will take it? I hope those genocide-lovinging Russians aren't keeping her in a style to which she would want to be accustomed.

Death List candidates for 2006:

Ariel Sharon, Israeli Nazi
Augusto Pinochet, Chilean Nazi
P W Botha, Afrikaaner Nazi
Margaret Thatcher, Supporter of Israeli, Chilean and Afrikaaner Nazis
Elena Milosovic†, Serbian Nazi
Kurt Waldheim, Nazi Nazi
Billy Graham, American religious fanatic
Ronnie Biggs, Robber
Yoko Ono, "Artist"
Bob Tizard, Grouch*

† Her name is Mirjana Markovic - I was getting the names confused with Ceauçescu's missus.
* Curmudgeonly rather than evil.

Last year I met an American guy at my place with grey hair and a pony tail (friend of a friend's mother) last year - after he left NZ my friend casually mentioned he was on the defence team for Milosovic in the Hague. If only he had told me before! That would have been an interesting chat - even just for his health/mental status.


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