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Monday, March 27, 2006

Bloody foreigners No. 445,606,209

Tonight on TV3 (the Canadian owned network purporting to be a New Zealand network) a reporter (an Australian purporting to be a New Zealand reporter) told us that the released hostage (the Canadian citizen who is an international student) had arived in New Zealand and thus returned "to home soil."

We are 137 billion dollars in debt to the rest of the world - that's bad enough - but then we have to be told by foreigners on a foreign owned media that some other foreigners are New Zealanders. Pathetic.


At 28/3/06 3:19 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

Mr Sooden's family appear to be acting in an odd manner. The "exclusive" with TVNZ. The family ie. the parents seem very keen to get here. Was the sister's marriage to a NZer in aid of that? Is Sooden's studying here also in aid of that objective? I recall the first thing his father did was fly here - why? Surely the sister should have flown home? Are the parents manipulative? Are they Christians?


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