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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Benson Pope Q & A

Q. Why is Benson-Pope immune from normal standards of accountability? What does he have that must be protected? Why hasn't the PM stood him down like others have been while the issues "swirl around" him?

A. He is Michael Cullen's man, the guy who took over his old seat - he is the one protecting him. The PM and Cullen fully associate themselves with the bully tactics and law-unto-himself MO of Benson-Pope - his behaviour is personally acceptable to them. He is being groomed as the bully-enforcer for them (ie. what he did at school).


At 2/3/06 2:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fascists noticing increasing hysteria among pc blogger commentators, and attempts to work up bullying to equate with violence in comparison, i don't see the big deal, to apply todays standards of behaviour to them old school teacher kick arse rules is pushing it, fascists support benson pope, whats sleazy about sorting out a bunch of bloody school kids, we need more of it,

At 2/3/06 4:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And he has the largest majority on that side of the House?

At 2/3/06 5:03 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

BENSON-POPE, David Henry (LAB) Majority: 10,640 (over NAT)
POPE, Benedict XVI (RC) Majority: 106,400,000 (over ISL)

At 2/3/06 6:54 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Philip Field (when is his slap-on-the-hand report due for ripping off his vulnerable constituents?) has a 16,000+ majority and is probably still the biggest.

At 2/3/06 10:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, I enjoyed the 'book' you kept on the 2005 general election. I think it might be enjoyable to for Tumeke to offer faux odds on some parliamentary outcomes. It can become our defacto way of tracking the political pendulum as its swings towards and against a party or parliamentarian.

Topical Odds such as;

Taito Phillip Field enquiry release date: Before 1 January 2007 | 1 January 2007 or after | Never
Benson-Pope to relinquish his ministerial warrant (by resignation, or dismissal)
Next National PM: Brash | Key | Collins | Other
Number of frivolous points-of-order taken by Winston Peters during question time in March: <20 | >=20
Number of times Clark uses the phrase "hard-working and conscientious minister" in March

I can see this tangible political punditry becoming quite good fun.

At 2/3/06 11:29 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

I saw the interviews on Close Up and Campbell tonight. Sainsbury was better - better questions, didn't let him off.

The little prick was carrying on like the Made Man he is in the Labour Mafia. Still being evasive, no apologies. Carrying on like he was the fucking victim. I had a "zany" classroom... I have a good track record with outdoor safety (?) What-the-fuck-ever, you little cunt! You're a lying piece of shit, David Henry Benson-Pope. You can take a dump in the middle of the debating chamber and parliament has to pretend that is an acceptable answer by an honourable member - well, no one else has to.

And don't all the teachers and Lefties (almost a perfect overlap) just love him: It's hard being a male teacher... every teacher would have done stuff like that over a long career... He's had his character assasinated... It's unfair... It's not important... He's with the teacher union so he must be OK... The one's complaining are making it up... Schools were different back then... He's a good teacher for most of his students...

I'm sure even the most vile peadophile could wheel out a letter of recommendation from some unobservant teacher's pet fuck-wipe willing to sign whatever the Labour party put in front of them - so fucking what!? Idi Amin tipped his house-keeper at Christmas - well then he must be a swell guy.

"My wife and child sat and watched that"!- well don't invite them along to witness your own fucking shame you fuck wit that's just pathetic manipulation - as is telling that on television. Boo hoo. On Sainsbury's excellent interview he didn't deny that he caned students until they bled - presumably he caned so many and so brutally that it was routine. Because when you cane someone until they bleed only once you'd surely remember that? So it was more than once? Remember he volunteered for that job - he liked it, he liked it a lot. He's a nasty person; a ruthless person. He's an evasive character. And his lying just comes so naturally to him. He doesn't think he's ever done anything inappropriate - ha, what a joke - neither do war criminals.

He was being protected by the Principal partly because he too did not treat the issues raised seriously enough because they are used to behaving as though their school is their own personal fiefdom. That's teachers for you. One rule for them, one rule for everyone else.

He is not used to being challenged and when he is he gets his mad facial tics; but if he's in private or where he has control or thinks he can get away with it he deals with it with violence. Why? Because he isn't that smart. Why does he lie about it even with so many witnesses? Because he isn't that smart. Why do they keep him on? Because they aren't that smart and in their limited pool he actually represents talent.


At 2/3/06 11:49 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

I have been thinking of this, and indeed made a comment after the election book closed that I would start doing these things... but you know... things... trail off...

But (as a total coincidence) I reserved morbidodds.com on Monday to do it all properly on an international scale (Ssssh secret squirrel).

At 3/3/06 9:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, it comes as no surprise that you are thinking of doing this.

Again, as a total coincidence, I am about to go to Europe to work in the igaming industry, so as and when I learn more about this, I will correspond with you. In time you may be able to run a real service hosted in a tiny caribbean island if you wanted to.

Sounds like your sort of thing.

At 3/3/06 9:45 am, Blogger Craig Ranapia said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3/3/06 10:02 am, Blogger Craig Ranapia said...


I taped the Campbell Live interview and listened to him on Moaning Retort, and there are two words I can't get out of my head: Alison Annan.

Seriously, it's spooky how similar their media strategies are: Deny; when you can't deny, smear your accusers as malicious nut jobs; when the facts keep getting in the way, lose your memory and split semantic hairs; when the Alzheimer's test come back negative and someone looks up prima facae in a dictionary, cry and squeal "what about the children?" Oy...

At 3/3/06 8:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

some them peoples you know they aay to thesselves where tumeke going, you knoe that maorui joker,
then we go back to pakrehaharr

At 3/3/06 9:19 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Hope it pans out well. Is igaming the same as gaming? And which sort - wagering or computer games? Is that a dumb question? Look forward to meeting in a friendly jurisdiction.

The way DBP said "you betcha" at the conclusion of the Sainsbury interview to say he would continue as normal said it all - high level protection. They don't want National to bag a scalp this early on. Someone on DPF's thread raised the issue of why he hadn't tendered his resignation anyway - good point. I think it backs up the idea that Cullen is behind him. But whatever - the guy is just so arrogant, so used to making up the rules for himself as he goes along, so ineptly deceptive, without grace, without charm, without wit, he is a gross specimen.

Since it's Friday and people have been drinking:

Q. What do you call a Caucasian who laughs at a maorui joker?
A. pakrehaharr

At 5/3/06 12:34 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Just read in the Weekend DomPost that DBP is an only child. Makes sense now. Been a student or a teacher all his life before parliament and an only child. No wonder he the's so fucking arogant and gets upset when people don't do what he wants them too and then has a big sulk so he can be "forgiven" despite denying ever doing anything wrong - classic only child behaviour.


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