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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pope's pervy pedagogical proclivities

So, Helen's teacher/bully sleazy, mad-facial-tic-twitching Minister is trying to wriggle out of yet more (seemingly accepted) allegations of pervy goings on with the girls at a school camp in 1997 when he was a teacher (for 24 years). This gross man is the epitome of the parliamentary Labour party and thus is protected by the arbiter of standards, the Prime Minister.

The PM says whatever he did was consistent with or not against "school policy" - there was no school policy! So what!? Murder isn't in the school policy either, does that mean it is acceptable? After Benson Pope they have a policy to say that the stuff Benson Pope did is now against school policy. How's that for your school policy!

School fucking policy, school bloody rules - what a crock of shit.

School policy is that teachers can do anything they want and the Principal will act arbitrarily, unilaterally and without consultation as if they personally made all the rules. The Board of Trustees are very rarely informed of anything. Officially, according to Ministry of Education guidelines etc. etc. they are supposed to inform them; but in real life the absolute tryanny of the Principal (sometimes in collusion with the Chair of the BoT) is unreported and usually unchallenged. Breaking the law routinely with school "fees" and punishments for those who don't pay these illegal charges are all too common. There are quotes from the school's letter to parents about the complaints - but of course the Principal is only going to write it up in the best possible light and admit nothing - so what value would that have.

I said earlier, about the other gimp-gagging/hitting/bully allegations, that if the students were female the PM would view the victims as humans and thus get rid of him (as she did with Dover Sameuls when he treated a teenage girl badly). Well now they are. But she seems to accept that he just bellowed at the entrance to the showers and that was that. But that isn't what is being alleged. Someone's not telling the truth - and Pope has no credibility in these matters after last time. The PM is even more evil than I previously gave her credit for. Maybe females aren't human to her either.

The Labour party in government and Helen Clark in particular are so deeply mercinary that they need the skills, knowledge, integrity, honesty, credibility, personality and competence of a sleazy, pervy, dodgy, creepy, bullying, gimp-gagging, lying, evasive teacher so badly that they are prepared to entertain the most outlandish fabrications and credulous excuses to retain such a hideous talent. And in doing so they smear themselves with his shame. They are hopelessly compromised: morally and ideologically. As in Animal Farm the liberators become the purportrators as power corrupts given long enough. So too with the PM's ridiculous statement that peoples' memories can't go back longer than 7 years. If she can't remember signing paintings she didn't paint then so too can the rest of her ministers suffer similar belts of selective amnesia. How many legs good again?

He should resign because of his constant misleading of parliament and the public. Had the party known of these events in his past he should not have been given the portfolios he has (at the very least). The public think he's a creepy old perve as well as a bully now. So it's all up to the media. If they keep it as the No. 1 story all week they could force a resignation. If another ex-student comes forward with an allegation that could also force a resignation. And there's two more days of parliamentary question time to get through this week. But if the pressure slackens then he could make it, wounded, but still standing and still a Cabinet Minister in Her Majesty's Government. Uuugh.

Oh, and naturally the Govt. announcement of the details of a free $5000 each for the middle class is totally coincidental. Designed to push the Benson-Pope story off the front page it has suceeded with the Herald and Scoop websites as of this evening.


At 2/3/06 12:43 am, Anonymous Graham Watson said...

It's the deceitful use of language that gets me.


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