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Friday, February 03, 2006


Will be working with or without the help of others on producing a basic document for public discussion through the Convention for a Republican Constitution to be finished the day before Waitangi Day, ie. by the end of the weekend. The purpose being to derive some principles or foundations (hopefully by consensus) upon which this country can proceed to become a republic and to map out a pathway to what a republican constitution might look like. Please keep comments to the site anon.

If it all comes down to a mad rush on Sunday it will be much closer to the original deliberations on the Treaty than I would have wanted - but that's our heritage, isn't it.


At 3/2/06 9:15 am, Blogger peterquixote said...

why cant we have a King, TJ?, I want a king in the new order, can we have a republican monarchy, Kings dont have to get vote, look what happen to NZ when you gives the people vote, just look at the mess of socialism TJ, a good King would have seen the property rights and history in the foreshore.. them people at the UK with Tony Blair seem to be go quite well couldn't we be a colony of theirs protected from our own saelves?


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