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Monday, January 23, 2006

Snot easy being Green

From Green Party leader Jeanette Fitzsimon's "State of the Planet" speech yesterday:

"2006 could be the year in which you join or form a local water care group to keep the sewage and the farm runoff out of the rivers or the sea... the year in which you work with your neighbours on pest and weed control."

Hypocritical, ineffectual, weak - this women is pathetic. She excuses her husband's reckless fire hazard actions of their slash and burn agriculture methods (which they decry) and has nothing but praise for the government's utterly derisory response to the didymo (Rock snot) infestation. How about she do her bloody job and protect this country's river eco-systems that are being destroyed by didymo? Do they care about our rivers or do they care a great deal more about nebulous social justice tangents? Are they the "Green" party or not?

I do expect them to aggressively lobby the government and rally public support for a didymo eradication programme to save our rivers. At present the South Island is being sacrificed and the North Island will follow. Any such programme to stop this effectively (ie. eradication) would have support across many different sectors and would help energise the party as a popular campaign. But they seem to want to ingratiate themselves to the ruling party in a continued courtship that is an abusive dominator/victim relationship.

Their leadership doesn't exist and their caucus consists of apostles of victimhood, diviners of the apocolyptic - martyred not by their enemies but by their own ineptitude.

They just don't understand politics - and they seem not to even understand their own environmental agenda. When it comes to practical matters of urgent attention which go to the very heart of green doctrine they have no answers, no plans, no ability to react, no concern. They are a laughing stock. They are hypocrites. They simply do not care.


At 23/1/06 9:57 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

yes Green party didyno very good, it very bad, worser is that clown who is head of biosecurity doing research, but there is a bloke at massey university whose name i forgot warned everyone by saying we needed a nuclear bomb popped under didymoo, well then they all gots paranoid, now when it all good and spreaded around,


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