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Friday, January 06, 2006

Quiz Night Stats (2005 season)

Well done team Emily Williamson, just crunched the numbers.

Played: 26.
Placed: 26 (14x1st, 11x2nd, 1x3rd)
Average score: 88
Lowest score: 68 (just scraped in third)
Highest score: 102

This was our best year and we are now one of those hated teams where people groan at us and mumble obscenities when they announce the scores. And if we don't come first there's a geniunely felt atmosphere of delight in the room. The only time the other teams' bad sportsmanship wasn't on show was when we scored 102 and received the first (and maybe last) spontaneous applause. Not even we thought it was possible to get over 100 until it happened (the max. possible score is 110).

And what makes it worse for them all is there are only three of us. They really do hate us - we feed off it and it makes us stronger.


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