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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

PM on pa with the G-G

Did anyone else notice on the TV pictures of yesterday's Ratana celebrations the presence of the Governor-General? I'm sure I spotted her amongst the dignitaries.

The Ratana Church is more than just a religious sect it is - or should I say - was, a political movement of Maori who wanted the Treaty of Waitangi upheld and land taken wrongfully from them by the government to be returned. Since becoming allied to the Labour Party in the 1930s the political element seems to have died off. Like most Maori attempts at self-determination the Pakeha elements of government have been remarkably successful in buying them off.

It is strange however that a religious/quasi-political event such as their annual celebration (of their founder's birthday) should attract the presence of the Governor-General. Does she attend other religious functions? Does she attend other religious-political functions? Has the Governor-General ever attended Ratana Pa before?

I ask these questions because:
1. I am anti-religious and think it wise that the representative of our Head of State should not associate with overtly religious (ie. cult) events.
2. I do not think it wise that the representative of our Head of State should attend "political" functions either (although the nature of the event seems to be pan-political - so that criticism is somewhat blunted).
3. The current PM banned the last Governor-General from attending Waitangi (which I think ought to have caused a constitutional crisis given that Hardy-Boys wanted very much to attend and is the ex-officio Chairman of the Treaty grounds trust board) so may have instructed (ie. ordered) this Governor-General to be at Ratana (with her).

Did the PM order the G-G to be at Ratana as an extension of her mana?


At 26/1/06 10:51 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

dont know that yous would have to order this governor to do that ratana stuff man i think she do it of her own free will

At 9/7/06 4:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Ratana and I wish to point out the obvious. The Ratana Religion is not a sect or cult or any other rubbish. Just because you are of no religious background does not give you the right to dump on our religion. What is also obvious is the fact that you have not been here for the 25th of January celebrations. I dare you to come. You would be surprised.

At 9/7/06 11:46 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

I'm not dumping on it - I assume all the religiousity surrounding it makes it a religion - given that it centrally concerned with the teachings of one man (whose birthday is celebrated bigger than Easter ?) it is a cult, is it not?

I would like to attend at some point as I am curious. If you dispute the political selling-out part then, why?


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