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Friday, January 06, 2006

Death List 2006

It's a damnable chore, especially since I got no-one last year, (esp. on account of never putting the Pope on) but I want to restrict it to people whom I dislike this year. There's only 10 so they all have to be reasonable picks plus a few outsiders and at least one New Zealander. I put architect I M Pei last time because I thought the whole pyramids thing was over-done, and Liza Minnelli because she has that awful, breathless, OTT, theatricality - all of which isn't really enough of a reason. So this year I'll stick to the more dodgy characters and try to get more women on:

Death List candidates for 2006:

Ariel Sharon, Israeli Nazi
Augusto Pinochet, Chilean Nazi
P W Botha, Afrikaaner Nazi
Margaret Thatcher, Supporter of Israeli, Chilean and Afrikaaner Nazis
Elena Milosovich†, Serbian Nazi
Kurt Waldheim, Nazi Nazi
Billy Graham, American religious fanatic
Ronnie Biggs, Robber
Yoko Ono, "Artist"
Bob Tizard, Grouch*

There are some other sites dealing with these issues. This enterprise may seem a little goulish and most people pick celebrities regardless of their contribution to humanity; but picking "evildoers" is sort of empowering, in a gambling way. I will forward my choices to my local Keeper of the Lists.

† You know perfectly well who I mean: Her name is Mirjana Markovic - I was getting the names confused with Ceauçescu's missus.
* Curmudgeonly rather than evil - he's just more realistic a pick than pricks like Dail Jones. UPDATE: And I've just thought of Jim Anderton too - but he did save that guy last year.


At 7/1/06 2:33 pm, Blogger Craig Ranapia said...

I never seen Godwin's Law of Fuck-Wit Nazi Analogies kick in quite this early. Priceless.

At 7/1/06 3:35 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

Fascinating stuff. Couldn't stretch it out further unfortunately - although Biggs is a Boy from Brazil, Graham turns on a good Nuremburg rally and Yoko is maybe a conceptual art Nazi. And as for Tizard, he might have actually fought against the Nazis.

At 8/1/06 7:29 am, Blogger Heine said...

Biggs is ok, a loveable rogue at worst and Thatcher... ohh how terrible :)

At 8/1/06 4:09 pm, Blogger Xavier said...

I agree with all of them (Sharon looks likely, or at least brain dead), except Bob - he's such a funny old guy.

At 9/1/06 8:39 am, Anonymous toby1845 said...

I'm hoping that Jim Anderton does the decent thing and commits suicide.....just like his drug-addict, loser daughter did in the early 1990s.

The man's a loser - pure and simple.

Die Jim! DIE!

At 9/1/06 12:10 pm, Anonymous RR said...

News of Sharon's imminent demise may be exaggerated. I predict he'll hang on for the full year, only in a sad, shadow of his former self kind of vegetative stupor sort of way.

At 9/1/06 2:29 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

I'm putting Anderton at the top of next year's list. He better not die this year though.

Don't get me wrong I don't want Bob to die, I just think he's a good bet. Which reminds me: Keith Quinn.

At 9/1/06 2:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon may die, but he's a true hero who battled against the anti-Israel Arab Nazis.

At 9/1/06 3:56 pm, Blogger Russell Brown said...

I'm hoping that Jim Anderton does the decent thing and commits suicide.....just like his drug-addict, loser daughter did in the early 1990s.

I didn't actually know Anderton's daughter, but I know her death was related to mental illness. And it would appear that she had more talent than you ever will, you sorry little fuck.


At 9/1/06 10:08 pm, Blogger ZenTiger said...

Looks like the codicil kicks in.

Still, the invocation is all too macabre for my tastes.

I also find myself agreeing completely with Russell Brown, even as the thread that ends continues.

(and "cheers" always gets me as such a contrast with the preceding statement. Just this once, on this thread, it kind of works)

Toby1845, did you actually know Anderton's daughter and have some remotely understandable reason/excuse for your, in just about any context, depraved response?

I think at this juncture I have to call you a complete Nazi.

At 10/1/06 11:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it's acceptable to wish death upon someone, but unacceptable to gloat about a previous death? Just so we've got the fine lines of sensitivity clear on this.

At 10/1/06 5:04 pm, Anonymous Toby1845 said...

That you Anonymous! Obviously you are a lot smarter than the lefties who jumped at my obvious bait.

At 10/1/06 7:39 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

Burley rather than bait.

At 11/1/06 6:54 pm, Blogger span said...

yes, vomiting over the side is quite effective burley in my experience.


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