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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Term "weblog" coined this day in 1997

A word from the editor.

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of the "blog" (Wikipedia said so - so it must be true), TUMEKE! has undergone some revision. I hope the readers and users of this site appreciate the improvements:-

Firstly, the corporate banner and logo proclaim the origins of this blog and it's author. "Tumeke" is a Maori word meaning to startle and has more recently come to mean "too much". It can be summed up as an exclamation mark. This is what the blog ought to be doing: exclaiming. Lately it has become rather suburban in tone, if not in subject matter, so expect more defiance, scheming and a higher quality of invective. The spelling and grammar will however always come off second best.

Secondly, the English language media sites in the blaze of icons below the banner will grow beyond the Asia-Pacific region to encompass the leading mainstream and "alternative" publications throughout the world in the near future. This is a feature that enables TUMEKE! to be a convenient front page portal to a reputable variety of international news organisations.

Thirdly, the icons identifying the political affiliations of the bloggers immediately before their names will be extended to cover all of the blogocracy as soon as I can figure out where they all stand (thanks Spanblather for leading this charge in late August). This icon innovation I have not seen on any other blog in Aotearoa or elsewhere and therefore I have patented it as a unique device and my lawyers will sue anyone attempting to copy this feature on a blog.

Finally, additional upgrades will occur soon to clean up the design aspects and to provide access to more content. This experiment in the fusion and transformation of blog and website will continue over the holiday period - by the new year expect to see a creature more fully formed.

Tim Selwyn


At 18/12/05 12:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tj this absolute brilliant, but we think that some one almost guarantee to copy yous, and then what if they like a fascist, like to say to a fascist yous got a court judgement against you is like asking a snail what its excuse is,


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