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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sydney race riot response: curfews for non-whites

Still can't quite believe this report in The Australian:

Members of the Arab Christian and Arab Muslim communities have called for a curfew for all Lebanese youths over the weekend... Community leaders said Lebanese youths should not venture out after 9pm on Friday and Saturday, and should stay home all day on Sunday.

"Those who violate the curfew will be doing so in defiance of their faith, of the law and their community leaders. We are all united in opposing violence," Lebanese Muslim Association leader Ahmad Kamaledine said.

Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen welcomed the call for a curfew. "We must remember that it is first of all in the home that we learn to respect and care for others," he said. "So I trust that all parents will join these community leaders in encouraging their own young people to exhibit mature and thoughtful respect for other people at all times."

Are they kidding? It's the whites who should be put on curfew if anyone has to - they are the larger and therefore potentially more damaging of the two groups. So the white yobs bash the "Lebs" and everyone else not sufficiently white enough to constitute being a full member of the Australian species - and the victims of this propose to let them have their way! This is just crazy. Or to put it the other way: the Lebanese gangs bash everyone else not sufficiently muslim enough to constitute being a full member of their gang and expect their victims to be taken out of circulation for their own safety?

And behind it all the cultists - wanting to enforce their dictates, the idiot Christian wanting the Muslims to observe Sunday by staying off the street. Am I misinterpreting this - or if it is "youths" do they (the elderly) mean to keep the kids at home while they go about their business? Is every youth a criminal? Or do they not trust whites enough to let them out of the house? "defiance of their faith, of the law"! These people want religious laws, Sharia is what Muslim cult leaders are saying - the ability for the State to enforce religious edicts and the Christians see the same opportunity. And a curfew is one of the bluntist:

I note the churches attacked (presumably by Muslims) were of a Chinese and a Tongan congregations - cults and ethnicity - a strong brew. Hardly an integrated community is it? All of the separate ethnic groups with their separate cult groups to keep them mentally impoverished, inbred, and of course, exclusive. That is one of the few positive aspects about these race riots: the destruction of cult property: I hope every group gets their temples burned down (except of course for the historical ones), grow brains and become atheists. If the suckers would just abandon the organised superstition and the lies that keep the child molesters and craven hypocrites in control the world would be a better place.

Tonight the NSW upper house will be passing the new anti-riot law passed in the lower house:

Under the changes, police will have the power to lock down trouble spots, confiscate cars, and order hotels and bottle shops to stop serving alcohol. [SMH]

No mention of curfews thank GOD!