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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sione's Wedding

At the preview for "Sione's Wedding" this morning but can't really say anything as it's embargoed. Release date: March. My impressions however could be put as favourable - although as a former Glenfield Community Board member great umbrage could have been taken on my part on behalf of those ex-constituents. G-Field, represent. Very funny. Seeing as how a majority of the movie was filmed within 1km of where I live in Grey Lynn I'm surprised I didn't run into a film unit at some point.

But I can talk about the cinema I guess. Village Queen St level 4 "Gold Class" cinema.

It is opening tomorrow to the public at ticket prices about $25 weekdays, $35 weekends/nights according to the usherette with a great French(?) accent. Hmmm, what was I saying .p9j99jsnx [0 uhh yeah right. I think it was French. Anyway, I thought the Lido (in Epsom) was the classiest in Auckland until I hit Lay-z-boy city. Very comfortable, very adjustable, very big, very suede. Every seat's a winner. Highly recommended.


At 8/12/05 11:32 pm, Blogger Kellie said...

Ya know, you have GOT to try out the Circle Lounge seats in the Botany Berkeley Cinemas. Lay-z-boys, AND hand service of gourmet food and drinks throughout. CCOR!


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