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Monday, December 19, 2005

Public Service Announcement. Re: art.2

Congratulations to Zane for making the finalist cut for his poster competion and to all those who assisted him. The concept was a nice one: New Zealanders individual immigrant/migration stories in text form - with the colours of the text making a picture of:

I didn't read any Maori histories in there however. Which I think is appropriate for the flag used. It is often what is left out that says as much as what is put in. My effort should have been in a more appropriate format also then I wouldn't be complaining I suppose.

It will be displayed after it has come back from Jerusalem in Auckland in the new year - at the Britomart centre (?).


At 20/12/05 7:10 pm, Anonymous Zane Egginton said...

Now, now, Tim,
"His mother, my great grandmother, was a full-blooded Ngapoui. She however fell in love with a welsh immigrant, fresh off the boat, hence my mothers maiden
name being Jones (grandmas name was Hemapo)."
The flag is intended to represent what people see from afar, (being the outline of the text), the inside of the text forms an image of a beach (with 5 people two of which are of maori decent), I would have two stories of Maori descent but it didn't work out. I do realize there are missing ethnic groups but race is not the point, the point is everyone has a unique story of how the became a New Zealander,

At 20/12/05 9:42 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

I stand corrected. I didn't see it there.


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