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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pope's Balls

The Government's No. 14, Hon. David Benson-Pope, the Minister for Social Development and Employment, and Minister for the Environment has had a police report on his antics as a teacher released. He will face questions on this, no doubt, in today's session of parliament at 2pm. The police think they have enough to get charges of disciplinary abuse of former students to court but for the passing of time. I think here that the time thing is arbitrary and irrelevant, or at least should be: it is the victims' unwillingness to press charges that counts. That shows that they have, in some way, dissmissed a penalty, declined their vengence, if not forgiven him.

When Benson-Pope continues to deny what could very well be a provable fact in court it invites people to speculate that he is a liar - a petty liar. It invites people to think he has no grace and no honour, that he is a snivelling dispicable wretch. With that mad, schitzophrenic/personality disorder facial twitch - you know that crazed tic he has - and that Dad's Army/Col. Blimp appearance the man is a slightly deranged manic.

Remember it was his fronting of an anti-bullying campaign that sent his victims over the edge - that was just too much hypocrisy to stomach. For an ex-teacher who volunteered to physically discipline all students at his school, who enjoyed demeaning students to lecture everyone about bullying! Too much.

Through the course of time things in the minds of the victims and witnesses will be blurred or seen in a different context - the police would say as much. So from the evidence and recollections here is what I think: It may have actually been in a detention class that the tennis ball incident occured and the other incident: the boy probably did get smacked in the face by Benson-Pope who did apologise when he saw the blood. At the time he would have been disciplined by school authorities had the parents of these children reported it and/or their parents been on the Board of Governors.

Teachers like Benson-Pope who actually volunteer to bash kids are fundamentally sick. No normal human being would do that. Why do you think Labour like him so much? He's a petty bully. He's been used to bossing children around and being the smartest person in the room only because everyone else is 15. He's perfect Labour fodder - and National for that matter (Gerry Brownlee). He is one of the bad guys.

If the kids he humiliated and punished were girls Helen Clark would of sent him down the road a long time ago. Dover Samuels official reason for being chucked out was because of the "power imbalance" the PM saw when a man deals with a younger female, but when abuse and power imbalances are between males she does not care about it. If the person having a ball stuffed in their mouth and their hands taped to the desk like a bound gimp and humiliated and disgraced in front of the class by Benson-Pope had a vagina Mr Benson-Pope would have been demoted just as quickly as Samuels. But because the victims of the gimp incident were males he gets off.

Similarly the Waiouru Army cadet abuse report that came out last week concerned males only. So a right-wing, nut-job The Hon. David "Nigger-in-a-wood-pile"Morris is sent in to give a white-wash reoport. Compare that to any action the government would have taken if the victims (and the Waiouru report concerns 6 deaths! including someone shot in the head) were females. Would the PM put in a judge like Morris who said in a rape trial: that if every man stopped at the first time he heard "no" it would be a very unexciting world. Would she have done that? And yet sexual abuse allegations are part and parcel of this investigation and she appoints him?! If it they had vaginas they woould not have been treated with this sort of contempt.


At 6/12/05 5:40 pm, Anonymous Graham Watson said...

Fron now on Benson Pope will be operating with a severe credibility problem.


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