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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oik! Oik! Oik!

Race riots in Sydney... this weekend it's whites and "Lebs" in Cronulla, a while ago it was Aborigines and cops in Redfern, and Serbs and Croats at a soccer match. Earlier this year it was Aborigines and cops in Palm Island, Queensland. So Aussies are racist and there's ethnic tension.... we all know this already.

We see the TV pictures of a fat white oik proclaiming "this is our land" and recall the basis for the assertion was the extermination of the natives and their continued alienation. We see the seeming inability of the Lebanese Muslims to come to terms with their women-hating gang rapist sub-culture. "Un-Australian"!? Are they? Australia was built on the dispossession of Aborigines and the breeding of the criminal classes, it is a coarse and vulgar culture that routinely glorifies outlaws and whose unofficial national anthem is a homage to a thieving scumbag - and now they use the term "un-Australian" to describe a mob (of drunken white hooligans numbering in the many hundreds if not thousands) who attack people who are different to them? Mate, cobber - that's dinky-di 'Strayn - true fuckin' blue.

But the beach riot is just a fleeting, violent spark in a very long cycle of two giant stones grinding upon each other. The reason for it is that from difference comes conflict. And for the smug New Zealanders who assume the burqa-clad Muslims of Roskillstan and Sandribad are in anyway intergrated into our society and that allowing the Islamic cults to enforce their uniform codes and practices in State schools is effective integration, to those who think that allowing masses of immigrants' family members and elderly cultish, non-English-speaking parents into the country is a good thing - then you are sadly mistaken. We (and in particular Auckland) are in the position that Sydney and the UK were in twenty, thirty years ago.

We are not doing us or them any favours by encouraging their religions, by encouraging immigrants to retain their language and not learn ours, by excusing their abhorent practices, turning a blind eye to forced and arranged marriages, and pretending that the racism of the average English, South African or Australian is acceptable. All these people, coming in numbers so large that ghettos are inevitable are unacceptable. Any established population that becomes estranged from immigrant communities and their later generations will react violently against each other to violent intrusion of the "outsiders" if the situation is allowed to continue.

All populations contain violent, angry young people with a misplaced sense of racial pride, ethnic fear and nationalism - you cannot just ignor that or say that because they do not share your view of a multicultural/multiethnic/sectarian nation that their views and the consequences of their actions should not form a part of policy - and in particular immigration policy. The problem is with this country's high European-immigrant descended population. Many white New Zealanders think that more immigration is always good because without that policy they would not be here. When they start thinking like natives and not like immigrants that would be a good start. It is not hypocritical for a descendant of an immigrant to see the positive aspects of abandoning the high immigration policy.

We behave as though the ugly Aussie incidents will never happen here. Well that sort of hate and bigotry have been on display here too - only because it's against local people, Maori, then it goes undetected. I had some trouble hunting it down, but remember:

More than 500 people took to the main street of Nelson yesterday in protest over the issue of Maori claims to the foreshore and seabed. Carrying placards saying "Whites have rights too", "When do we stop giving?"and "One law for all New Zealanders", the march left Wakatu Square shortly after noon. Protesters chanted "Foreshores for all" as they marched to the Church Steps, where they heard speeches from organisers United Future leader Peter Dunne and Nelson National MP Nick Smith. -NZ Herald 29/07/2003

Racist bigots on the march in this country get not just supported by, but addressed by, conservative politicians. Racism is racism. "Whites have rights too" - they really mean: "- rights to Maori property." "When do we stop giving"!? - what about "When will you stop taking things off Maori"? Never apparently. Elected white MPs were proud to march alongside those signs and heartily endorsed the sentiment of those nasty, utterly ignorant hate-mongers. White rights and beaches - mate, in Nelson the local MP can't wait to get to the head of the mob. If they weren't so old, if they had been drinking for a while then who knows?


At 15/12/05 11:49 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

i just went and returned from the annual general meating of the fascist redneck in southland, and we running short of fascist
like specially after zirco die so bad and mental problem and that do yous think some of these
good oz might like to join in a clition of pananzac fascist

At 17/12/05 3:45 am, Blogger crash test wallaby said...

Well actually, "waltzing matilda" is our unofficial national anthem, and it is about a suicidal sheep theif:)

It makes me laugh at how those of you in New Zealand expend so much of your time and energy bagging Australia, yet your own ex-pats who live in Bondi Beach, have whole-heartedly thrown their hats into the ring and now it is a brawl between Maoris and Lebanese...and you can't blame their violent tendencies on any convict ancestry ;)

Speaking of which, less than 10% of Australians can claim convict ancestry, and it's actually quite vogue for those who can. And why not? If you research any of the claims you make about Australians, you would know that the convicts sent to Australia were all literate, had trades and were actually the cream of the British crop. They were chosen for transportation because of what they had to offer, the other less educated, less skilled convicts, remained in England. At a time when the standard of living of the average European was less than that of the average Aborigine who relied on stone age technology; not to mention a total lack of human rights and other social support infrastructure; stealing food and crime in general was par for the course in Britain. As it happens, the convicts transported to Australia, served a dual purpose of 1. laying the foundations of an empire in a strategic military and merchantile position, for which their extra skills and education were particularly useful; and 2. easing the over burdoned British prison system.

Really, such overt Aussie envy isn't becoming ;)

At 17/12/05 2:18 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

Sad to hear that Maori are involved... then again it's dissappointing that anyone is involved. As for talking up convict heritage: it is also true that many of the early (ie. pre-1840) European settlers in NZ were ex-convicts from Australia. I also acknowledge that Adelaide was founded as a middle class non-convict colony by Wakefield - as were parts of New Zealand, and that Melbourne was founded by free Tasmanians. That aside, it is the culture of the convicts and their masters that counts more in forming the nation that the physical "breeding." The high levels of corruption, brutality and vulgar public discourse are all related to that heritage. Compare that with NZ. There's a reason it's easy to criticise Aussies :)

But honestly, it is the blood-curdling, genocidal hatred white Australians have towards Aborigines that is really upsetting. I know that half a million middle class North Shore people can march over the Sydney Harbour bridge for "sorry day" or whatever, but the hatred seems very deep and very pervasive. There are people like that in NZ too - but they are in a minority and their ideas/fears are not publically acceptable in the raw form.

I also note that the incoming visitors from over the ditch tend to be searching for "lebs+fuckin+bash" etc. and I don't think they are all academics working on PhDs for their thesis on second generation immigrant communities and their interaction with religion, norms of their host society, youth culture and their perception via online media - if you know what I mean.

At 21/12/05 9:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up until 1900 Australia had a "white Australia" policy. There was also a brisk trade in "slave" labour that is still euphemistically called indentured labour by white historians. Try glossing over those historical facts.


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