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Friday, December 09, 2005

Are we live?

The next post with this logo:

will be on Sunday. It will be an invitation to listen to the talkback radio programme I co-host with my occassional guest blogger, Mr Bradbury on the Radio Live network (sometimes it is simulcast at night on Pacific but I'm unsure if that applies to us). It will also list the sorts of topics we hope to canvass on the 10pm-1am Sunday night slot where we review the week. The comments section of the post will be a point for those unwilling or unable to telephone us to leave us their thoughts (or fight each other... whatever). Though I doubt too many people would be up at that hour on their computer and not be exclusively looking at pornography we will check the comments during the show.

I will henceforth refrain from publicly attacking people in personal terms that have the shows immediately before and after to avoid any social discomforture on my part. Lucky for the angelic, smooth-talking, veteran icon, Ewing Stevens - all those unfounded defamatory accusations will just have to wait.


At 9/12/05 4:04 pm, Blogger Antarctic Lemur said...

Down with Brash!

What's with the medallion quixote 05 image?

At 9/12/05 4:56 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

I was just talking to an expert about how to re-size images and then I see your comment and then I see the medal! Spooky. This is a case for considerable down-sizing. I'll get on to it.

At 9/12/05 10:08 pm, Anonymous gpjwatson said...

Tim, if I'm still up and about I will try and tune in to you and martyn.

There is still a hell of a lot of listeners at that time of night.

What is the frequency?, I listen to ZB normally.

At 9/12/05 10:17 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

It's on the old Pacific frequency of 702AM in Auckland.


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