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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Man you should of heard the interview between Matt McCarten and a Starbucks representative on Linda Clark's programme this morning!

This Starbucks witch kept calling the people they hire for $10 an hour "partners"? In what? There own servitude? They ain't no partner in ownership, lady.

Bragging about a 73% staff turn-over. And then that her "partners" could get a free beverage as "partner [and I think the term was] privileges" scheme. At this point Matt was just laughing - as was I. Unbelievable.

And what did she say..."I wonder who the masters are with the leases we have to pay..." !!! Yes that's right, I heard her correctly: "MASTERS" was her word. You poor bastards. Sickening.

A nasty exploitatative introduction to the work force is all they offer. I don't personally like the sickly, sugary milky pap from that coffee-milk bar cafe. I prefer to get a better, real brew at the real, cheaper, proper cafe down the road that has had the same staff for more than 9 months. If I want an over-priced child's milkshake, in an American venue with foreign teenagers and a stupid back-to-front self-service system, then I won't even go to Starbucks after hearing that interview.

Sell your Restaurant Brands shares - they don't deserve your assistance and their attitude and understanding doesn't entitle them to succeed in rewarding their management. Their system must fail. They are arseholes.


At 23/11/05 2:45 pm, Blogger Steve said...

Good stuff !!!

Didn't hear it - glad, i probably would have just got mad. ;-)

It's the idea that you wrap bullshit up in lovey-dovey corporate-empowerment-clichespeak and suddenly the poor fucks that work there are stakeholders, (partners) have ownership.

I wrote about star(f)bucks a couple of years ago. Just a brief rant about how crap they are.


The lazy sods that go to places like this deserve the crap coffee. Likewise I'm always as rude as humanely possible to people disrupting my peaceful privacy calling me for some stupid commercial "survey" for the reason that it's ones duty to discourage such "career choices"


At 23/11/05 6:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was painfully funny, I am not Matt McCarten's biggest fan but the Starbucks spokesperson should have declined to comment. in the end even she was laughing at herself. Having run cafes befor, free coffee was almost compulsory and any left over food was given to staff. the staff got paid slightly more and generally were quite happy with free food after a shift. I did have the same thoughts about the partners bollocks, I am quite happy being called an employee...

At 27/11/05 5:47 am, Blogger Xavier said...

As a person who has previously worked for Restaurant Brands, yes, yes they are arseholes

At 27/11/05 11:01 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

look onced i went pass the starback and i smell this stuff nots so much like coffee though, and says to thems kids inside jeez i says to them like that stuff what its is it like coka cola with bilirubin in it , and like yous going to die unless yuo donts stop the drinking like that,


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