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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ummm - you said "drunk" - I'm gonna report you to the gummint.

The news that a notorious student pub in Palmerston North is encouraging students to get "drunk" in their student pub is one of the more pathetic indictments of this country's "PC" capture (that has occured this month at least) - because of the hysterical outcry over the pub's supposedly "irresponsible" attitude. The offending writing on the blackboard outside the establishment:

"Why study for exams when you can get drunk with your mates?"
under section 154A of the Sale of Liquor Act, which prohibits encouraging people to get drunk..."

That's right we can't have people getting drunk in a pub - that's not what they're for - pubs are for sipping coffee and consuming a maximum of one standard drink per hour and not smoking. Welcome to New Zealand, the land under a regime of thin-lipped deputy head-mistresses. Fireworks will be next... basically anything that excites, is spontaneous and is enjoyed predominantly by males and young people generally is gradually being banned. "Now that's progressive!" as the Christian conservative Jim Anderton usually remarks.

Aren't we so bloody precious? I am tempted to say that this bout of social conservatism and nannying is the result of the ascendency of females in public life (the Mayor who complained is a Heather and the Alcohol Advisory Council executive is a Sandra) as they clamp down on traditional male pursuits such as downing 30 bourbon shooters and playing bull rush in the bar until someone dies. Well, accidents happen. Females being more risk-averse than males and seemingly wanting everyone to tow their line and conform to their rules in an effort to make sure everyone lives to 100 is becoming very grating. With allies such as the old-guard Christians such as Anderton (who wants to raise the drinking age back up to 20) and the anti-youth reactionary politicians such as Clayton Cosgrove we have a nasty non-alcoholic fruit cocktail of repression stirring... again... if indeed it ever stopped stirring.

On a recent visit to the countryside on a long awaited port run I was informed by the staff at the vineyard that they had stopped making their port because of the increased tax. "Great, another weekend ruined by Jim Anderton!" I noted to sympathetic acknowledgement. That bastard put the tax on port to punish the youth for drinking 15-25% spirit-esque beverages it should be recalled which included all the fortified wines. These are times of petty, regressive control-freaks.

Banning parents from physically discipling their children?... what's next? What other insidious private members' bills lurk within the Labour caucus? They've got another three years to foist them upon us carte blanche.


At 29/10/05 4:37 am, Blogger Psycho Milt said...

It's depressing. Now my son's 9 I think back to when I was 9 at the beginning of the 70s, when we used to ride all over town on our bikes, climb the cliffs, play in the rail yards and down the gravel works when no-one was looking, go to playgrounds that had dangerous roundabouts mounted on concrete pads, all kinds of neat stuff. And these days the poor sods get to play supervised in certified-safe modular playgrounds. By the time he's grown up they'll no doubt have thought of all kinds of other ways to keep him safe and free from fun. Bloody depressing.

At 29/10/05 6:17 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

TV3 news report, Andi? Mandy? Brotherston - about a fire on the North Shore.

1. It is supposedly started by kids with fireworks although no proof is offered.

2. She starts off saying it was kids playing with "firecrackers" - so, to start with she doesn't understand the difference between a firework and a firecracker - as the latter is banned and would be very unlikely to have been used and if it was she should have noted their banned status. A female reporter being sloppy with her words and confusing things - I have noted this is typical.

3. She talks to a Pommy Fireman that goes on and on about wanting to ban fireworks.

4. She talks to a Pommy resident who goes on and on about wanting to ban fireworks.

5. No counter-argument or position in favour of fireworks was present.

This is the sort of crap I've been talking about - an inaccurate and biased female reporter promoting an anti-freedom, anti-masculine, anti-fun line talking to foreigners about banning traditional NZ things.

She said the fire was out in an hour and burnt a bit of scrub - so fucking what? Ban it all forever?! Thewre is no kind way to put this: she is a stupid bitch.

Mum and dad fuck-knuckle with KFC hanging out of their faces may not have the wits to realise what's going on with "news" such as this biased bullshit, but they are the one's whose acquiesence is necessary to curtail their own freedom.

3rd rate journalism.

At 30/10/05 1:41 am, Anonymous keb said...

god i cant stand news and the way it parades socities 'supposed views' as stories... the thing is... students would probably generally rather get drunk than study, but most wont because its about personal responsibilty... what ever happened to that notion?!?!?! does the fact that these 'students' are in tertiary education not signal they are QUITE capable of realising the consequences of their actions and so on... god it irritates me to no end!


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