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Saturday, October 01, 2005

He was a skater boy - I said, "See you later, boy."

On Nandor failing to get back: good fucking job - the lazy, complacent bastard.

The point man, the go-to guy for Auckland stood by, did nothing, and saw the Green vote shrink to 5%. Campaigning overseas but not in the largest metropolitan area??! Confusing, convoluted billboards. Failing to take on Judith Tizard in Auckland Central where everyone (including half the Labour Party) can't stand her. If he had sent everyone a letter explaining why he wanted our electorate vote, and had public meetings every weekend for three months saying why he should be our local MP then we would have voted for him to spite the universally contemptible Tizard. It would not have been that hard.

And what an attitude: I'm comfortable about getting back in... we'll pick up votes... I'm confident... COMPLACENT. He deserved to lose because he did not show enough vigour. Nandor is responsible for failing to obtain that 1-2% that is his turf, and almost cost the party complete destruction by barely clearing the 5% threshold. You would think putting him at No. 7 would have energized old Stoney - but no - he was sure they'd piss home with more than that, that he'd be a shoe-in, so why bother making an effort?

Did he communicate to students about voting Green being the best way for them to get Labour's interest-free loans deal? Did he? Does a 40 year old with dreds not cut it with the kids anymore? Does his major legislative mark of being legally able to lie to employers about previous criminal convictions not impress?

What was the Green's target vote for Auckland? Did they even have one? Did they have any idea about how to achieve it even if they did? Who was responsible? Sub-standard. Maybe he'll get his act together now, or retreat entirely, he's going to have to think about that because, Nandor:

You're fired!

There must be at least one decent-looking, long-haired, tanned, 25 year old marine biologist (pref. researching dolphins) right now who will be Nandor's replacement.


At 3/10/05 9:46 am, Blogger Kakariki said...


A) Nandor did campaign in Auckland, and hard too. He spent more time in Auckland this election than any other election.

B) The decision not to run a two tick campaign was a party decision, not Nandor's.

C) "Did he communicate to students about voting Green being the best way for them to get Labour's interest-free loans deal?" The answer is Yes, most definitely. There were Greens, especially Nandor, on campuses all over the country pushing that line.

Remember you're talking about a human being.

At 3/10/05 12:33 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...


A) The most stuff I received about the Greens was from the Exclusive Brethren. Nandor had no visibility in Auckland Central, was not hungry for it: failed to communicate.

B) Bad party decisions (eg. Hordings) handicapped all the Green candidates, but that means they should have worked harder.

C) 40 year old with dreds v. 18-22 year old students. If he's not cutting through to that core group he is there to capture then what?

Remember I am assessing the performance of someone who has been fired, and the reasons for it.

Consider this sort of criticism not so much as the vitriolic post mortem it is, but as some timely motivational advice to encourage excellence and make sure these sorts of errors are not repeated.

I'm a Nandor sceptic, but he's done solid work on drug reform and contributed wisely to other legislation on every occassion I have heard him speak in Parliament. If I see Nandor around I'll give him my assessment in person and wish him luck if he wants to stand again.

At 5/10/05 5:44 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

yous requirement to replace nandor for long haired biologist, ok, but nots quite politically correct enough tumeke, it should read " red haired or long haired" , there more prjudice against red rod donald than not fair, and what with nandors bill where the fascists could then sell dope legitimate, but not so close to school, we just go back to our dont have day jobs tumeke,

At 6/10/05 1:38 am, Anonymous anymatters said...

I think he's just getting bored working as an MP with a lot of complicated political matters. He loves an easy life like most rastafarians. I think.


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