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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Don "lose less badly" Brash: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - Not government!

Brash (centre) at NZ Racial & Religious Extremism Convergence Conference

His vision of "mainstream" was of an uptight, white, Presbyterian minority.

Don's a loser. He's a quitter. He's negative. He's a drag. He's a big zero.

Brash conceeds government to Labour within hours of special vote announcement:
- so obviously had no plan about forming a coalition.
- had no ability to compromise to achieve that.
- is willing to give the whole game up before it has been played out.
- prepared to hand Labour leverage advantage over other parties and thus put Labour in a strong position.

What a prize nonce.

Sure, he'll be around as the 68 year old National Party leader at the next election. Sure he will.

National is so thick they haven't figured out MMP and are so thick they haven't even figured out how to form a government and they are a useless opposition, and the useless leader who doesn't even show up to parliament to debate because he is so useless is going to stick around for another 3 years! Whatever.

There's a reason he's only on the list - so the party can dump him with no dramas and the last one on the list gets in. Bye, bye Don. Will he fuck off to Australia - for the sake of the money and comforting feelings of white domination - just like all the people he was really appealing to? Let's hope so.

He did achieve a gain of 109% to the National Party raw vote. But then again... against a nanny state zombie queen looking at a third term, screwing up their own budget, and off National's lowest ever result... not as good as the stats indicate.


At 5/10/05 5:52 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

look tumeke we fascists we on the edge of our border line personality disorders and we right on the edge, over this whole thing like we was sure bwash was very repressed but protestant repression much worser than we think, and now what left, i try to tell the boys a joke, i say whatyasay we go down the east coast take some land off of old Maori what do yous say? and they just looks at me,

At 5/10/05 5:54 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

fascists know lots pschclogical thing because they always at the edges of theres sociologicla borders,


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