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Thursday, August 11, 2005

TV3 LEADERS DEBATE: An appeal to family


HIDE: Celebrating doubling in polls to 2%
Lacking: D

ANDERTON: With sole Progressive voter in Auckland
Lackey: B-

BRASH: Still justifying himself: the only assets I'll sell is Crown land to white farmers
Marginalised: B-

FITZSIMONS: Co-chairing facilitation group to consensus with Rod
Well meaning: B+

Moderator: John Campbell
Casting consultant: Justice Ron Young


At 12/8/05 1:27 am, Blogger t selwyn said...

The Herald thinks the sun shines out of Rodney's arse and that Don didn't do to well. I disagree.

Rodney had to say that only by voting for Act can National implement it's policies - which are Act's in drag - he failed to do that, and his finish was unconvincing. He had some gifts given to him by the moderator when he could of said "well, John that's why your party vote needs to go to Act so we can..." but no, he pissed those ones away. "Bossy boots" needed examples. He needed an A- at least to get some traction, therefore he has been scaled down to a fail mark.

Don fluffed his first line but made steady progress until they all ganged up on him and he sounded equivocal. He also had the nerve to go through the parties and tell them the exact percentage he thinks National has taken off them! Presumptious and out-of-touch, BUT better than I expected. The worm however, at the crucial final statement spoke: when he said "party vote National" it tanked heavily. His B- is generous because he's a novice.


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