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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"Race relations" on the TV1 head-to-head leaders debate

On Treaty of Waitangi settlements: "We're tough negotiators" - so she's boasting about screwing Maori over and pretending the process is "fair"? Well how can it be? - it's not the courts ordering remedies (remember she legislates against that if they think it might even be a possibility) it is small groups of families forced into large groups that the Crown wants to deal with, told that they will not get anything above a pre-set amount (typically exactly $40m regardless of what the claim is) on a take it or leave it basis... is that a fair negotiation? At least she admitted she was being harsh - but said it as if she was proud of it! If she's harsh on one group is she harsh on all, and if not, why?

On Maori party supporting her government "last cab off the rank" - Maori must be getting the message loud and clear by now. Labour will lose all 7 seats.

On immigration: everything is great and there's a skilled category and people aren't in crappy jobs anymore. Well, they certainly are - catch a cab in Auckland or visit a convenience shop in Auckland and claim that qualified immigrants aren't under-used in shitty jobs. Brash of course didn't counter her unsupported assertion.

When asked "who is a Maori?" Instead of saying: "I don't care about race" or "unlike under Labour's policies that won't be the question National will ask when making policy..." or even "That's a question that a Pakeha can't really answer" etc. instead, right on cue, the slow motion car wreck that Sainsbury dreamt, starting happening. He said (probably with a prolonged "Errrrr") "Well, legally..." and ended up about percentages etc.- at one point he looked like he might be going to pull out a phrenology kit. What an idiot. If he says he doesn't care about race and then starts telling Maori who they are and aren't, like a racial hygiene quack from the 1930s then what credibility does he have? Idiot. He's like a human muppet.

On Maori Party compromise on abolishing Maori seats he refused to rule it out. Ha!

On immigration: Clark belted him with probation idea is treating them like "criminals" - and he left it hanging with a series of denials. The guy is such an amateur. He forgets she's not human: it's a vampire zombie in a lifeless, disfigured, humanoid husk.


At 23/8/05 1:10 pm, Anonymous Reasonable Ray said...

..and he's scared to play dirty it seems. When asked by Helen would he make his son pay interest on his student loan, i was willing him to say "Would you Helen? Oh, of course you wouldn't know anything about raising kids would you?" Why didn't he also make the clear distinction that the Labour 'tax relief' would make beneficiaries out of families right up to over $100K HH income (there's something fundamentally wrong with that concept) I did think Cullen was protesting somewhat too much about the Nat's tax policy. Envious he didn't think of it first?

At 23/8/05 1:47 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

I heard him on the radio this afternoon playing the gentleman card - something about setting a bad example if he had argued and raised his voice to a woman! This is 21st Century NZ, Dr Brash; women have changed the agenda and tilted the table to suit themselves to the point of equality in many sectors including leadership of political parties. Deal with it, and grow some fucking balls, man. Does he think he'll win by people feeling sorry for him?

"Empathy" and "multi-millionaire banker" just don't go together no matter how much in tax cuts he's promising.

There are so many points he could of made in that debate - but, Clark could of been even harsher had she been quick enough. She got off all her rehersed lines without serious rebuttal. Brash never used to turn up to parliamentary debates and the whole country is now seeing why.

What about that pleasant Mr Key, everyone likes him... John Tamihere's a big fan - he could work for him after he loses his seat in four weeks time.

At 24/8/05 8:05 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

whata ya saying whataya saying, this is savage, this is serious, my part is not to watch anything on tv, but just to hear what is being said, you saying the gentleman thing lose votes? will it not let people see that she helengrad is a wolverine thing like you said, surely they dont want a witch for PM, and its too late to change Brash fundamentally, do the centre right win this or lose?

At 24/8/05 11:54 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

PQ: PM is living dead, she sink fangs into Brash for brain meat but more empty than everyone think. People are sado masochists they liking Piggy Muldoon and Lange even before he staple himself and they want to see blood even more than PM want to drink it. People want PM to have authority to go fast everywhere and would give her a supersonic bat car with atomic motor if not have anti-nuclear policy. Brash lose this fight. Everytime the muppet opens mouth he say If and But and Maybe and Well and Or and anything but yes or no. This is yes or no game muppet, not waffle game that muppet can win against everyone except Parekura Jabbamia. Rodney would have done a much better job out of all the balding white male politicians.

At 25/8/05 1:51 am, Blogger peterquixote said...

this is really bad,


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