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Monday, July 04, 2005

UPDATES: Horror stories

Auckland motorists in harbour bridge traffic jam have time for sightseeing.

Told you so #1:
HOV/HOT Lanes as examined in a 21 June post are exposed as Auckland's new bureaucratically rationalised future in this NZ Herald article:

Drivers may have to pay tolls to join the fast lanes on costly new Auckland motorways - or earn free use by carrying at least two passengers... Chief executive Rick van Barneveld said there would still be toll-free lanes on a $193 million bypass of Hobsonville and a $1.2 billion extension of State Highway 20 from Mt Roskill through Avondale to join the Northwestern Motorway. He said reserving fast lanes for high-occupancy vehicles or those whose drivers were willing to pay would help to limit congestion by "managing" demand for travel, a legal obligation for road-builders.

Transit's second "10-Year Plan" for the Queen city is here.

Told you so #2:
The NZ dollar's lack of credibility scrutinised on a 28 June post were exposed when it was 70c US and 58c Euro. Less than a week later the Kiwi's now at 68c/57c and falling.


At 4/7/05 4:57 pm, Blogger Joe Hendren said...

Hmm if there was no charge for cars with two passengers I wonder if you would get professional 'passengers' who would mingle at either end of the bridge, offering to be a 'passenger' for less than the cost of the toll!

Better still - people who are opposed to toll roading could become 'free' passengers and ensure the whole toll collecting shenanagins was totally uneconomic....hehhee

At 4/7/05 5:27 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

JH: Now you're talking. I can see them holding signs out: "Well behaved, quiet, have own ipod", "Will talk about sport, talkback OK."

At 4/7/05 8:33 pm, Blogger Cathy Odgers said...

Electronically toll the whole of Auckland and Wellington's major roads during peak hours.

Especially ones that lead to prominent primary and secondary schools. I can't see why the little bastards can't just take a school bus or walk. Nope, Mummy has to drop them off and kiss them goodbye in a bloody SUV, even with zoning!

Single young professionals with no children should be living in apartments in town and walking to work. Hell, I did not drive to work the entire time I was in the NZ workforce. Common sense really.

I would also discourage this whole, live in Auckland but work on the Shore phenomenon and vice versa. Live close to where you work for Christ's sake!

If you live far from where you work then you should just shut the hell up about traffic problems as you are the primary cause of it.

At 4/7/05 8:34 pm, Blogger Cathy Odgers said...


Good work re the NZD. Your negative comments are obviously rippling through the money markets.

At 6/7/05 12:06 pm, Blogger stephen said...

I can see them holding signs out: "Well behaved, quiet, have own ipod", "Will talk about sport, talkback OK.

I'm just trying to remember. I read an article about an American city where pretty much exactly this happened. Passengers would queue on approaches to freeway on-ramps, and drivers would pick them up so that they could use the passengers-only lane.

If this happened, I would regard it as a win for everyone, except perhaps bus companies.

Cathy: blogged here http://vital.org.nz/blog/2004/11/09#tragedy .

At 6/7/05 12:29 pm, Blogger stephen said...

Nya ha! The city I was thinking of was Washington DC, and the practice is called "slugging".



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