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Friday, July 22, 2005

Queen v Selwyn UPDATE

Both of them, at the same time - but if I had to choose I'd go with the other sister. Sorry Liz :(

The Crown, in it's infinite wisdom, will attempt to prove before a jury that I wrote bad words about the government, ie. sedition. Max. penalty 2 years. A hearing yesterday has set the trial down for 8 days, to begin June 6th 2006 (after Queen's Birthday holiday). Eight days. 20+ witnesses. 12 angry men. $$$$.

It will be the government that shall be on trial: and they will lose. Calls for individuals to exercise their conscience and stand up to injustice perpetrated by the government will always be defensible. Asking others to uphold our constitution will always be defensible. Using anachronistic laws to persecute people and enable the seizure of their computers and printers with a view to confiscation is all a bit... Zimbabwe. They are not making any friends.

I have already pleaded guilty to being a party to a conspiracy to commit intentional damage. Max. penalty 7 years. (PM's office, axe, windows etc.) I don't see the point in persuing the sedition charges for the flyers left in that connexion. The Crown prosecutors have taken leave of their senses. I may have to start treating them with the contempt they deserve.


At 22/7/05 8:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Margaret was definitely a babe in her time.

At 22/7/05 12:19 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

Yes, she was fairly roguish for the times.

At 24/7/05 1:07 pm, Blogger span said...

2006? isn't justice delayed justice denied? that's an outrageously long time, surely.

At 24/7/05 3:23 pm, Blogger t selwyn said...

Nothing at all compared to the US so my lawyers tell me. You have to wait at least two years here before you can start banging out applications for dissmissal based on tardiness. One case before mine was from mid-2003.

One poor sap in his early 20s (max.) was up for cultivating one cannabis plant, possession of cannabis and possession of spotting knives. What an utter waste of time. The system is clogged up with this petty bullshit, and apparently people like Peter Dunne want to exacerbate it. Daily injustice. The judge should of laughed at the prosecutor, admonished them for wasting the court's time and resources, apologised to the defendant for not having dissmissed it earlier, and chucked it out then and there. If only.

Then again my case is not a high priority. Gives us all plenty of time to work on the defence at any rate. Gives the Crown time to whip up "terrorist" hysteria too, however.

At 24/7/05 9:11 pm, Blogger Gooner said...

My experience with dealing with the Crown tells me you won't get any deals out of them Tim. They will fail to act reasonably. You can bet on this going to a hearing.


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