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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Queen v Selwyn


This is now a sedition trial. The Crown are persisting with prosecuting me for being part of a seditious conspiracy and making a seditious statement. (Like who hasn't?) Have pled guilty to being a party to a conspircacy to commit intentional damage. They have more than enough evidence for that, I conceed, especially given the nature of conspiracy being a part of a chain no matter how related to the actual act.

Next court date is 21 July when a date will be set for the trial and other matters (possibly sentencing for the guilty matter?) will be dealt with. If the Crown wants to persue me for a political thought crime then they are making a mistake. They are the ones who will turn this into a circus: their evidence of seditious intention includes satirical cartoons critical of the government. How can they explain this to a jury with a straight face?

We now join the shame club of dodgy regimes that criminalise expression and thought via sedition:

Saudi Arabia

What esteemed company.
10am: Depositions on the conspiracy and sedition charges today (Wednesday).

Expect one or any of the following:
An act of reckless brinkmanship.
A dramatic revelation of a precipitative nature.
The beginning of a circus tending to farce.
A tirade of anti-government abuse in an ill-advised outburst contrary to lawyer's instructions.


At 16/6/05 12:51 am, Blogger Theprophet said...

Tim - Good luck. If you need any mags or anything in the can let me know :)

Allah protect men with axes

At 16/6/05 2:34 am, Blogger t selwyn said...

I'll settle for a decent soap dish :-(

At 16/6/05 1:32 pm, Anonymous Reasonable Ray said...

Can you still buy Soap-on-a-Rope?

At 16/6/05 10:44 pm, Blogger Asher said...

Good luck.

At 17/6/05 7:13 am, Blogger starboardside said...

Good luck pal,I did'nt think things like that happened in
New Zealand.I'm glad I live in
Canada,we have'nt gone that far yet.F-----g unbelievable.

At 25/6/05 11:11 pm, Blogger sagenz said...

hope it went well. It would be really interesting if you were able to blog the detail. eg digital photo uploaded.

What exactly did you do that is seditious. From everything I have read about your case I just cannot figure out why? Are the police under instruction to resurrect the sedition law and make an example of you to strengthen the current precedent for future use or what?

At 25/6/05 11:13 pm, Blogger sagenz said...

what for example was the seditious statement? by email if lawyer suggests repetition would be a bad idea. as a media outlet you would now simply be reporting the trial ;)

At 26/6/05 1:23 am, Blogger t selwyn said...

From a previous post:

The two allegedly seditious statements are in the form of leaflets left at two Auckland locations on the 18 November 2004, as follows:

NZ Herald reports the flyers at the scene (outside the Prime Minister's electorate office) said:

"Tonight concerned Pakeha vented their anger and disgust at the Government's attempts to steal by confiscation and without consultation, Maori land in the form of the Foreshore and Seabed Bill by attacking the electorate office of the Prime Minister. The broken glass symbolises the broken justice of this issue and we call upon other like-minded New Zealanders to commit their own acts of civil disobedience to send a clear message that such injustice can never be accepted."

The Scoop website has previously published the text of the flyers left on Ponsonby Rd:

"Confiscation Day

This morning concerned Pakeha vented their anger and disgust at the Government’s attempts to steal, by confiscation, Maori land in the form of the Seabed and Foreshore Bill that is currently being disgracefully rammed through Parliament as part of a desperate back-room deal.

By attacking the electorate office of the chief instigator, the Prime Minister – who is due to abandon the mess she created by fleeing the country today – we signal that a threshold has been crossed.

The broken glass symbolises the broken faith, broken trust and shattered justice, our axe symbolises the steadfastness of our determination.

The ruthless Prime Minister will leave behind a vindictive law that will haunt this nation should the M.Ps be mad enough to pass it. Maori M.Ps complicit in this farce will never live down their betrayal.

If this is destined to be Confiscation Day, then we have marked it.

We call upon all like-minded New Zealanders to take similar action of their own to send a clear message that such a gross, blatantly racist injustice to the Maori people will never be accepted.

Ake! Ake! Ake!"


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