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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Political Feng shui

I kid you not. This article has the feng shui analysis of the party's logos. Silly National - metal in water! What the chi were they thinking!?

LABOUR: "Engulfed by fire... tarnished reputation."

NATIONAL: "Power of the sword... glimmer of fighting strength... doused by other members of their own party."

NZ FIRST: "Winston is a rooster."

GREENS: "Tremendous growth and support."

UNITED FUTURE: "Attacks from colleagues"

PROGRESSIVE: "Fire destroys metals."

And this article has Parliament's appraisal:

"General Site
Parliament House... situated in a way which enables it to tap auspicious landscape feng shui!...

A dragon pathway for vehicles to drive through starts from the south gate ... Outside the fence is Molesworth Street,... representing its auspicious Jade Belt.

Black Turtle
Parliament House is auspiciously situated with Wellington's own solid range of Black Turtle Mountains behind the building. This feature symbolises great support for the government system in all its undertakings by the people. A powerful mountain range behind brings stability and support for the NZ government as a concept... the existence of this feature brings about acceptance and great support for the idea of a solid government. Even protests will be carried out peacefully as there is overall backing and respect for the establishment. Disagreements are handled in a civilised manner.

Green Dragon
On the left hand side of Parliament House is the Parliament Library, which represents its Green Dragon. In feng shui, the Green Dragon is the celestial animal that brings fortuitous opportunities to the family to attain respect, honour in society and prosperity....

White Tiger
On the right hand side of Parliament House is the Bee Hive. From a classical feng shui perspective, the placement of the Bee Hive makes it a symbolic representation of Parliament's Protective White Tiger. Where the Dragon produces the fortune, the Tiger protects it from being lost or attacked. In feng shui texts, the White Tiger is akin to the eldest son of a family. It is said that without the White Tiger, the residents of the building suffers from lack of descendants to perpetuate the mandate of the family or protect the wealth of the family fortune. Interpreted for Parliament, it is the White Tiger who will protect and uphold the honour and integrity of the nation's values and economic fortunes."

In the supernatural order of things I've always considered the current PM as a zombie-queen vampire rather than a White Tiger.


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