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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PM John Key: 'truly rape?'

Is that what the PM said at his post-cab presser yesterday afternoon? Sounded like he was saying either he or the police think there is some ambiguity around whether a gang of older boys is drugging and raping 13-15 year olds is 'truly rape'. It was rape question mark. If the gang didn't have a member who was the son of a serving policeman would there be a question mark there? We all know the answer to that.

His press conference was vague, but this was round about the same time the NZ Police announced 'Operation: Clover' to take over from whatever was happening before (which seems to be a rape club operating with the sanction of Waitemata police detectives). The NZ Police according to the NZ Herald have refused to answer specific questions about victims and suspects. Is Op Clover an alternative to the police? - that is how it is being portrayed. Is Op Clover part of the cover-up, to keep the son of a serving police officer from facing the justice anyone else would surely face?

Day 9 / 2 years later and the best the cops can do is get a woman officer to try to clean up with the victims... Meanwhile nothing will be done with the very high risk offenders out on the loose so long as Sup Searle + Det Insp Scott have anything to do with it.

Qustioln time today I hope the right questions are asked. Why does Commissioner Marshall still retain confidence of Anne Tolley? Does John Key think 'roast busters' group sex with 13-15 year olds was 'truly rape'?


At 12/11/13 1:14 pm, Anonymous Chris said...

Have these bungling idiots given thought to the lyrics of Roll me over in the Clover. Just a wee sample...
I took me trousers down
As we lay upon the ground.
Roll me over, lay me down and do it again


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