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Monday, November 19, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Shearer to expel Cunliffe? UPDATE:

Shearer's new speech

It doesn't look like Cunliffe is about to be punished and demoted over the media's beat up of his supposed leadership challenge at the conference (note Cunliffe has pledged his support) - the rumors are flying that Shearer is going to expel Cunliffe from Caucus.

The anger the leadership felt about being forced to be more democratic is going to be used to crucify Cunliffe and throw him out of the Party. Labour may with this move just convince all those left wing voters to fill in Green Party membership cards.

If only Shearer could put this kind of energy into defeating Key.

The ramifications of this move to expel Cunliffe will reverberate until 2014.

The difference between a Japanese nuclear reactor and the Labour Party is that Japanese reactors know when to stop melting down.

UPDATE: That nasty little piece of work, Chris Hipkins has come out defaming Cunliffe with slurs that he's been disloyal to two leaders. I say nasty little piece of work because Hipkins fought hard to deny members and unions a democratic voice in the party, and he made that debate far more bitter than it needed to be.

The constant attack on Cunliffe by the Labour leadership is the ugly thing now. They are trying to expel Cunliffe rather than fight Key.

This is revenge for being forced to become more democratic. It's hideous to watch. Cooler heads in the Party need to reign the caucus in now, this is bordering on feral and crazed.

As for this ominous threat that Cunliffe supporters will also be punished - isn't that a bit North Korean for the NZ Labour Party?



At 19/11/12 10:37 am, Blogger micky savage said...

If it was to even be attempted there would be hell to pay ...

Shearer had a good Sunday and was warmly received by members. He should laugh this off and keep performing and he will be fine in February.

But this macho aggressive stuff is frankly a turn off.

At 19/11/12 1:34 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Just before I read this latest scuttlebutt it occurred to me that conference delegates who supported the change to the leader selection processes need to get on the front foot & move the narrative towards reality.

Why can't a couple of the more articulate of those delegates make an approach to the media with an offer to reveal all about the change and why it was neccessary.

Normally John Campbell would be the preferred vector, but TV3 management are likely to insist upon all news stories about the labour conference 'toe the TV3 line' That is overt support for "whats his name".
TVNZ fresh from smearing Dotcom and kissing Key butt are not likely to be stood over for the next will run with that story if it is gift wrapped for them after having been sufficiently dumbed down to permit 'bimbo comprehension'.
An approach by a known union delegate and/or a party activist to a TVNZ journalist (one who doesn't belong to the Beehive knitting circle explaining how the amendment wasn't about Cunliffe it was about increasing membership participation so that democratic processes similar to the Green Party allowing membership involvement in leadership selection should re-invigorate the party would go a great deal towards shifting the narrative.
The delegate/s could explain that the change was to prevent the loss of politically aware voters to the Greens, and nothing to do with aiding any individual in caucus.

This would need to be done before the neo-liberals in caucus try to pull the same stunt from the other end. Which they certainly will.

At 19/11/12 7:44 pm, Blogger Max said...

"This is boarding (sic) on feral and crazed"... well if you were describing your own reaction to this then that would be about right Bomber.

At 19/11/12 8:07 pm, Blogger Max said...

"This is boarding (sic) on feral and crazed". Well if you are talking about your reaction to this Bomber then that would be about right.


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