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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Labour Party reshuffle & the rebirth of Tamihere

Good to see the Herald about a 6 weeks behind Tumeke again, we pointed out Tamihere was running for Labour and that the active wooing campaign was under way last month.

Labour are still so gun shy of the 'political correctness' tag that the Party mandarins have decided a red blooded Tamihere will be the perfect match for the bloke down pub demographic they believe they lost over the repeal of section 59.

Labour do need to appeal to the blue collar voter, but they can't do it as Shearer tried with his bullshit bennie on a roof speech, they must, as Helen Kelly points out, appeal to the better angels of blue collar voters natures.

As for the looming Labour Party front bench reshuffle, it is desperately needed. The amount of dead wood that needs to be cleared from the Labour Party front bench could rebuild Christchurch twice over!

Top jobs:
-Shearer should surprise everyone and take Education himself.
-Cunliffe deserves Finance or there will be a civil war.
-Grant Robertson can't be moved up any further for fear of starting a coup.
-Jacinda Ardern, meeds more hits on an easy target like Paula Bennett. Hasn't been helped by Pagani inspired 'bennie on the roof' crap.

-Sue Moroney. Staunch and knows how to fight.
-Moana Mackey. She is brilliant and a hard worker.
-Iain Lees-Galloway. Shows he has the smarts.
-David Clark. Star performer.
-Louisa Wall. She's an inspiration.

-Shane Jones has to go. If I've heard the full list of allegations he faces, it's only a matter of time before Whaleoil & Farrar hear them. The problem is Jones could inflict a lot of damage if the dumping gets nasty.
-Maryan Street. Who?
-Nanaia Mahuta. Just hasn't done enough.
-Su'a William Sio. He has burnt any bridges he had in the Party over gay marriage.
-Ruth Dyson. Zero impact. Zero.
-Parekura Horomia. Hopeless.
-Ross Robertson. Worse than hopeless.
-Annette King - time to leave and run for Wellington Mayoralty.



At 3/10/12 11:44 am, Blogger Jasper said...

Agree with your Demotion list with the exception of Jones. He'll be better assisted with Tamihere in the ranks. Guidance & support as well as someone that knows the game. The blood letting needs to happen and I'm guessing after the xmas break many on the list will of had a kumbyah session or two? I think Fenton needs to added to the demotion list too.
The party needs to cut the CTU loose so that if there are any true contenders for a political career they'd be able to prove that by "performance" not the back room deals that are cut and you end up with flakes that take 6 - 9 years to make some kind of impact.

Let the Blood Flow!


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