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Monday, July 09, 2012

This is the gambling company John Key wants to keep?

Barred gambler coaxed back to casino
A woman legally barred from Auckland's SkyCity is appalled the company is attempting to coax her back to the casino via text messages.

Selina Watson and her husband gambled close to $50 million over 10 years as VIP customers at the casino.

Husband Richard Watson, who worked as an accountant for over 30 years, is serving as six-year jail sentence after stealing nearly $5.5 million from his employers.

SkyCity subsequently trespassed the couple from the casino's premises for two years. They were also barred from Hamilton and Christchurch casinos.

Selina said she was shocked when she received text messages from SkyCity coaxing her to gamble there, which could see her face prosecution in breach of the trespass orders.

How ugly is this? Not the senseless breach of contacting someone banned from the Casino, but that Sky City would allow someone to blow $50 million and do nothing other than one problem gambling brochure posted out to them in a decade?

This is host responsibility only if Hannibal Lecter is the host. This is the company our Prime Minister wishes to keep? This is the company that he is cutting deals over a convention centre for?

How is allowing the Casino to add more pokies and earn an extra $43 million per year a deal worth cutting when those paying it are as broken as Selina Watson?

Wonder if Mike Hoskings, Paul Holmes or any of the other Sky City VIP's in the news media will be covering this story?



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