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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shearer or bust

Bryce Edwards is 1000% right, the recent changes to how Labour elects their leader cements Shearer into place and removes the possibility of a challenge in November.

The caveat to this is Shearer's performance until November. If the Polls start dragging Labour back towards 30%, the rumbles will re-erupt. How likely is that? Well Fran O'Sullivan was pretty damning of Shearer's lack of policy backbone and she touches upon a legitimate frustration many rank and file members feel.

The Pagani Doctrine of avoiding any reestablishment of Labour's core values so it can slip into something a little more right wing once elected was spelled out in David Parkers extraordinary speech where he shrugs off electricity generation and telecommunications as assets Labour will protect in the national interest.

The idea that Labour will howl at the moon over asset sales, yet won't include electricity generation as an asset they will save is astounding when so many are on the streets signing up to protect the very assets Labour won't lift a finger to protect.

How the strategy of fighting National for their voters rather than appeal to the million enrolled voters who didn't bother voting will pan out will be seen in 2014, but with an over reliance on right wing advisors holding Shearers ear, if NZers want a real left Government it will need to be a Labour-Greens-MANA one.



At 19/7/12 10:21 am, Blogger Curwen Rolinson said...

Urgh. Labourites keep giving us here in NZ First a hard time over our asset re-nationalization policy.

I guess now we know why. They're not really too concerned with maintaining ownership :(

At 19/7/12 10:57 am, Blogger JonL said...

Labour NZ have moved to the right, just like all the Labour governments around the world! They hold on to the left (just), by occassionally espousing a traditional Labour view or policy, but the heirachies hearts aren't in it - they have become a smug little inner suburban latte party, afraid of upsetting their cosy little cliche of voters!
They should be ashamed of using the term "Labour".
Mana will never amount to much,(unfortunately) even though they hold values truer to the core of old Labour, because of the "Maori,Protester,Bludger" labels that I continually hear slung around - most people can't (or won't) look at the reality! Hopefully, they will be able to attain a more mainstream critical mass, but..........

At 21/7/12 11:19 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

If kiwis want a left government it will have to be a Greens/Mana one. Labour would probably enter a government of national unity against it. With very few exceptions, they make me sick.


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