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Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Nation and Q+A current affairs review

The Nation
Tony Ryall is on about his chainsawing of the public service. National said they would cap public services, they meant knee cap.

With 5500 public sector jobs already axed, Tony wants to cut another 500 (although Tony terrifyingly asserts that he thinks it will be much more than 500 jobs).

The privatization of the public sector is a National Party wet dream, by destroying the State, the Market is moved in and is allowed to spin the voodoo that they do so well.

Why in Christs name we are implementing more free market dogma to cope with a global economic crises caused by the same free market dogma is a continued joke that never gets funny.

This is the reason why Peter Dunne will lose Ohariu. With 14% electorate that is employed in the public sector, they know a vote for Dunne, is a vote for John Key and that is a vote for more public service cutbacks. With Tony promising more cutbacks over 500, why would any public service worker vote for National?

Peter Dunne is in trouble.

Colin James is on, notes that National didn't do well up until the 'show me the money line'. Proof that style trumps substance is the fact that after Labour released their figures which showed the Government had lied and over-blown their costs and Labour's ability to bring down the debt was better than National's, that the 'show me the money' line still seems to hold traction on electors minds.

Labour showed us where the money is, and pointed out that National are still including profits received from assets they intend to sell.

Tony is brilliant at selling the privatization of public services, he's quietly moved it along so as not to spook the horses. Housing NZ will be hit hard as will Schools. I'm waiting for Ronald McDonald Playgrounds to start propping up under the public-private partnership model to build schools.

Phil Goff on the campaign trail. Showing that Labour has more support in Labour land than are showing up in the polls.

Cunliffe vs Joyce. Now that we know the supposed blowout in Labour is National Party spin, Joyce is glib, Cunliffe is solid.

Ralston and Brian Edwards on. Bill is full of National Party spin, claims that Labour went negative calling Key a liar - BILL - KEY IS A LIAR! If Bill doesn't like Goff calling John a liar, then perhaps John Key shouldn't lie. Brian points out what a joke Bill's position is when he reminds everyone that Key kept abusing Goff throughout as well.

The sound of one hand clapping segment that starts q+a now where Guyon and Paul Holmes pash National for 5 minutes about how wonderful John Key is seems extreme even for a baby boomer current affairs show.

It's 3 pashes for National in a row, they even take clips from Jerry Maguire. Does Steven Joyce help Tim Watkin produce the show each week now?

Russel is on selling the suburban Green vote. I hope the Greens vote stays above 10% but I wonder how much of it is aesthetic blue-green vote who always go back to National. Russel has very strong arguments for Green energy and the Green economy.

He makes the smart comment that many businesses see the green brand as vital for their success and are supporting Green.

Russel says he will work with National across a range of issues, doesn't rule out forming a Government or being a Minister, says it's highly unlikely.

Panel on - Gareth Morgan slams Greens as a mere ginger group who nudge policy along. Says not offering supply and confidence is blocking the Greens. Jon says Green membership won't support a National deal. Simon Barnett says 100 000 green jobs is possible but needs support from private sector. Jon points out how awful Labour have treated the Greens.

Provincial focus on New Plymouth. Good story, well done pre-produced story. I think it will be tight, but Andrew Little may well take it if locals want the kind of profile they deserve as a productive regional province.

Cunliffe and Bill. Cunliffe lands early blows by pointing out that things will get better because they can't get much worse. Bill responds well by saying business confidence poll showing more confidence shows how resilient economy is. Great answer. but Cunliffe refuses to swallow it and demands real answers to the actual problems that we can all clearly see in the economy.

I don't think those people feeling so optimistic 4 days ago while Greece nose dived, China economic growth questioned and Australia lowering it's interest rates as the recession takes hold would be so optimistic now.

Are Q+A seriously suggesting that prosperity is just around the corner?

Great debate between Bill and Cunliffe. They bot make good points, but Cunliffe has better answers. Bill always sounds like he could be swayed either way.

Genius panel discussion.



At 6/11/11 2:40 pm, Blogger Elaine said...

I think the Greens are making a huge mistake by not 100% categorically ruling out forming a government with National. I think they will lose a lot of their potential voters because of this - with people who were feeling a bit disillusioned with Labour and considering Green going back to Labour or people who were potentially voting Green for some decent left-wing opposition now going further left to Mana.

At 6/11/11 4:16 pm, Blogger Frank said...

The "A" Plan has always been a Labour-Green Coalition.

Failing that - we jump (reluctantly) to Plan B: http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/11/05/act-and-the-greens-some-thoughts/

As for Peter Dunne - I concur. He is toast. And if by some miracle - that would make the parting of the Red Sea look like a daily occurrence you could set your watch by - he did win, it would be by the barest of margins. Perhaps a couple of hundred votes, at best.

At 6/11/11 8:01 pm, Blogger Elaine said...

I can see how Plan B might pick off a few fickle National voters for the Greens, but for everyone else, who are voting not just FOR a particular party but also AGAINST National,Plan B is a turn off. I know that coalition govts are about compromise, but it would really stick in my craw if after the election I could see my vote contributing to a John Key lead government. Hence, the possibility of Plan B has lost my Green vote and I don't think I will be the only one thinking this.

At 7/11/11 9:50 am, Blogger Fern said...

I totally agree with Elaine.


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