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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Citizen A on line now

Citizen A this week with Bernard Hickey and Selwyn Manning

Issue 1 - The Rena fiasco - can impotence cripple a Government and what does this disaster say for deep sea drilling?

Issue 2 - Has John Key suffered a credibility downgrade over his credit downgrade comments and how optimistic do you need to be to believe after the $18billion deficit announced this week that the Government can return to surplus by 2014?

Issue 3 - Occupy Queen Street is happening this Saturday in solidarity with the Wall St occupation. Post 1929 stock market collapse, Communism and Fascism competed with Democracy for  hegemonic political dominance. Post 2008 stock market collapse, how do a disparate collection of angry poverty stricken occupiers challenge Capitalisms excesses?

Citizen A now plays 8pm Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89 Fridays



At 18/10/11 12:38 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Rena won't cripple the gubbamint - NZers are still in 'espray shnull mode' even thoough it's given cause for thought. Even the realisation that in 2008 a very different process could have played out (as it now does elsewhere) provides food for thought.
I'll put money on the fact that many in the Bay of Plenty (without access to the stats), and in Tauranga in partic. - actually voted for these vacuous cnuts, tho' (VERY) few would now admit it.
I find it hard to get anyone I associate with that will admit to admiring a plastic figurehead of average - to below average intelligence, that campaigned on a populist "hope" that things would "CHANGE". Voters: FROM what....TO what?

Ye shall reap what ye have sown. (even given the gubbamint/state apparatus structure where highly paid heads of depts or "CEO's" are appointed on a strictly BUSINESS-oriented agenda.
Oh oh oh - how terror-ble! (read -INEVITABLE)... but, now we seek "SAD"... how...very...fukn...SAD!
WAKE THE FUCK UP...maybe next time........! Too late though (aye?)
Stephen fucking Joyce?
John Key?
Nik Smith?
...let's go even furher ...
Judith Collins... or any number of others -
that troll that indulges (and talks over anything he disagrees with - standard procedure on "Breakfast" - the one you see in Parliamentary broadcasts feigning agreement that can't get enough pf tasking John Key's "aftermath" - Aaaaah (baby boomber memory kicks in) - Simon fcuking Bridges! WHAT A SPECIMEN TO BEHOLD DO WE HAVE HERE?!!! Not unlike that Kapiti Coast cunt that used to try and scrounge whatever wiff of (whatever was going) that he possibly could - but who now has had kids and has gotten all respectable - he may even be Steven Joyce's best friend - even if he;s a total stoner!!!
If people haven't worked out that prik (the one, or the many) doesn't have an over-ambitious intent or political agenda that involves self-promotion - they never will.
I'm JUST as concerned about Rena as anyone - but you get what you deserve. You voted for these cnuts on the basis of "Change".
I sincerely hope you're all feeling good now!
(wasn't me, wasn't ME, etc., etc., stec.,)
Oh...and by the way - have you all managed to minimise your debt and life on the credit treadmill?
Stats suggest otherwise, but I'd be interested to know - especially now that you're all facing a cleanup that is physical and very apparent in nature (i.e ruddy great globules of stinky oil that will challenge you for the next few months - probably years).
Smile and wave, smile and wave... I...JOHN KEY (average bloke,-look-what-I-can-acheieve (EVEN in light of most of my former contemporaries thinking I was a total cunt - i.e once they actually could take me seriously); aspirational wonder-boy; "go-in4wid, go-in-4wid; love-you-all... and what's even better is that YOU all LOVE ME (me, me, me, me ME!!!)

John Key....Steven Joyce....pik-a-cabinet-member...Maori Party Pita, Murray Pardy Turia even...undying loyalty and hormonal men-o-pause: NZ......you got what you thought you wanted.

Shame it asn' what you expected. Life's a bitch tho'..... AIYEEEE?


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