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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thanks for the petty game of political chicken so your billionaires don't have to pay extra tax America

The planet has for the last 3 months been watching with growing horror as Republicans and some Democrats refused point blank to increase tax on the wealthiest Americans, threatening a US default which would have plummeted all of us into economic meltdown. That our collective welfare didn't even register in their petty game of political chicken is almost as hilarious as the CIA not being found in contempt this week for destroying videotaped evidence of them torturing terror suspects.

When Fox News Tea Party Fundamentalists can dictate terms to the rest of us in favor of the richest 1%, then that richest 1% have become far more of a threat to democracy than terrorism ever was.

The Republicans are as deaf to the needs of the poor and protect their selfish 'rights' to never allow their wealth to be taxed just like John Key and the National Party do.

Here comes that double dip recession, welcome to 1936 sleepy hobbits.



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