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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

The Nation
What a week, massive economic meltdown, riots and John Key's Bennie bashing which will make those riots more likely, so what does The Nation lead with? A Graham Henry story. Cutting edge. Colin James is on first, he's one of the rare reasons you would choose to watch The Nation. He's at the National Party conference and there's a lot of back slapping as they laugh up how easily led the sleepy hobbits are. There's an interesting chat with a mayor who has 0% youth unemployment, he's talking pathways from high school into employment, which is interesting as National have slashed youth training schemes so horrifically we now have 20% youth unemployment with very little hope of turning that around with the current hard right pro wealthy policies Key is pushing.

Key is up, I expect a gentle hug from Duncan - so does John. How the hell he can with a straight face tell NZ that he will do anything about youth unemployment when it's his Bennie bashing policy that is part of the problem is a wee bit beyond me, how the rest of NZ seems to buy it is also another impossible question to answer. He's now defending the joke of Treasury growth predictions and claiming the Rugby World Cup will save us., he then claims that the global meltdown this week wasn't so bad???????????????????????????? John Key is so optimistic you could throw half a glass of water at him and he would still see it half full. His vacant optimism is almost as unbelievable as the Sleepy Hobbits faith in him.

He responds to China wanting to make NZ the new Tibet of the South Pacific with a 'come on over and take what you want'. Key intends to flog our assets off to China the very second he gets elected.

Graham Henry story is on, I'm switching over to Comedy Central, Futurama is on, it's a repeat but is still far more relevant than a sports story on a political current affairs show.

I over shot and watched Family Guy, switched back to the panel. Pagani is on to articulate the Wellington Left (which is like National Party policy but much more boring) he is on with someone I don't know. They are making empty statements about 'management', I love how the global economy is burning while the Nation fiddles.

I'm going back to Family Guy.

Brilliant opening monologue, honestly the funniest thing on TVNZ in terms of satire, it's worth watching this just for the monologue. Guyon is far more critical of Key's policy than The Nation is, where will the 170 000 jobs National promised? He side steps that and runs the usual lines, Chch rebuild and RWC - those two things will be flops, not the mana from heaven he is pretending it is. Guyon is really sticking it to Key over the cost if living. Guyon challenges Key on catching up with Australia, Key squirms trying to explain why 30 000 NZers are leaving a month, he blames the earthquake. He always blames the earthquake.

Guyon attacks key over the poverty issue, then suddenly changes tack by starting to channel Paula Bennett by asking if we have been too easy on welfare. Ugh. Key re-iterates that if you get avoid parcel, it is their own fault of poor choices, note it isn't his economic mismanagement of the economy, it's the fault of the poor. Funny how the rich can get richer, the poor poorer and it has nothing to do with his policy to give the rich more cash - Guyon attacks this farce.

Guyon attacks Key over how we rank so poorly in youth outcomes, Key claims he wants to lower suicide by slashing welfare THAT WON'T WORK!!!!! He then has the audacity to claim that our education system is great right when he wants to slash education as well! His answers are almost bi-polar. His Bennie bashing solutions will only increase the chances of a riot, it is just that he should be criticized heavily.

Sue Bradford is up against Matthew Hooten, brilliant panel, Tim Watkin must have not have had a hand in today's show. Jon points out poverty rates are getting worse, Sue attacks the 170 000 jobs, Hooten understands Keys first term is to con NZers into giving him a second term. Hooten is as optimistic as Key on the economy, he must have the same dr prescribing him the same happy pills. Sue attacks the welfare reforms and points out that all Key is doing is wanting to use the stick - where are the jobs? Hooten uses the line Slater likes which is that if money could solve welfare, we would have solved it by now - the counter is that we spend very little on early childhood, so little we rate behind shining examples like Mexico and Portugal, so we don't in fact spend enough onbwelfare at all!

Christchurch rebuild is beng discussed and the hope that vision brings is probably more important than actually what wil be done. When will Bob Parker be the leader of the Labour Party? Hooten makes a great point about NZ needing to work had on the rebuild due to our cheap nature and lack of foresight - everyone laughs at Auckland.

The panel grade Key, Jon says Key just wants to win elections, Sue says he will romper stomper in his second term while Hooten claims that Key can't go to the right.

Then sadly Sir Paul Reeves is announced to have died, which is a very sad loss for the country. He stood up for the poor, it is sad we don't have more leaders prepared to stand up for the weak.



At 15/8/11 8:36 am, Blogger countryboy said...

' How the rest of NZ seems to buy it is also another impossible question to answer ' I think it's a question with an answer . I think it's a phycological mechanism deployed by the MSM . What' more , I doubt even the MSM realize they're being used to propagate dodgy agendas . I've come to believe The News , and TV advertising particularly should come with a mental health warning before and during an evenings viewing . Much the same as warnings for violent content and/or foul language . ' Warning ! The Advertisements in the following programs may cause you to spend money you haven't got trying to keep ahead of your feeling like shit ! ' Us Sleepy Hobbits , as you say , are being head fucked to be vulgar ! It's a frighteningly easy thing to do and any person is open to manipulation . What's more , the methods used are so obvious and in view , it's become invisible to criticism ! It is , in my view , very , very dangerous for the unwary !
As for Key and his flippant optimism ! He's in full damage control I think . What would happen to the banking industry , the real estate industry and sundry otherwise unemployable hangers on if investors started pulling their cash from banks and selling off stock and shares etc , perhaps to buy gold ? Mayhem ! That's what . All the money lender scum would shrivel up and wither away like the Tics they are . No disrespect to actual Tics .

At 15/8/11 11:50 am, Blogger Angel Gabriel said...

Listening to Key Dodge the serious issues we face in unemployment and the opportunity stripping policies that are being proposed that would create further lessening of opportunities for a far greater number of New Zealand families should be telling the rational voting public in NZ that we are heading down a dead end street.
Further lessening the opportunities for the young, families, and the elderly are not going to make NZ a cohesive, cooperative Society. It only promotes division and classism. The current programs of social reform that Key and the no-name National Caucus are proposing will do nothing but further the distance between rich and poor and lead to a drastic increase in the violent crime rate, and the risk of full blown social unrest as we see in the Middle-East, UK, and the US.
Maybe we can completely outsource our economy to China, sell off all our land and resources to Wall Street and the IMF and eventually get a bigger paycheck by policies designed to continue to force our unemployed and opportunity bereft population to move out of the country. Soon we will be left with only the have's and the have not's will be out of our hair as they won't be able to survive with the policies of classism that push them offshore where their productivity is appreciated instead of exploited in the name of profit! After all, money has replaced God and Country these days as is blaringly apparent! Vote National at your own peril... Even with the dysfunctional state of Labour at present, at least they are not advocating the complete separation and segmentation of a dual society of the wealthy and the servant class who lives off the food scraps occasionally falling off the table of profit.
Labour can only get better, while as I see it, National is already showing us that we are going to get worse in the immediate future. Is this too hard to understand? We the people are not getting equal representation from our current government - full stop!

At 15/8/11 6:45 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"Hooten uses the line Slater likes which is that if money could solve welfare, we would have solved it by now..."

Deliberately misleading.

Welfare is not an answer to jobs. It is a life-support mechanism while someone finds a new job.

Jeez, surely right-wingers aren't really that thick?

At 15/8/11 10:45 pm, Blogger Angel Gabriel said...

Don't be so sure about it Frank! Never underestimate the "Me Firster's"!~ Anyone as socially unconscious AND conscienceless is capable of great feats in order to undermine someone else if it is an advantage to their own position on the ladder of greed!
The funniest part of this scenario (funny is a bad adjective for the dire nature of this scenario, I know) is that when those same people get to within a sniff of the top rungs of the ladder they are going to find the last 5-10% of the rungs are missing and an "Access Denied" sign.
This top 10% segment of our society are only in the take business with their hands outstretched to their paid political insider's handouts courtesy of your tax dollars donation! After all there's an "X" Wall Stret Securities Trader at the helm of the Ship of State! This is all part of the Goldman Sachs Playbook Frank! Our economy (or what's left of OUR economy) is officially "For Sale" after the upcoming election.
The under-class, under-paid, and un-employed men, women, and children in NZ who make up over 50% of our population represent the lowest rungs on the ladder, and the Social policies we are seeing introduced will inevitably chew into a larger chunk of the population as more and more New Zealanders will be in need of social assistance the longer our jobless situation continues to erode our domestic economy from the inside. From the inflationary increases that are inevitable to follow National's sell off plan for our of SOE's and lands to International Asset Strippers we will see the further reductions in job's and additional increases in the outsourcing of NZ job's to increase profit margins for our new bosses - The World Market.
Not a pretty picture for our kid's futures ay?

The lesson's that Mr. Key and the National Caucus taught us last week with their refusal to question Milk pricing in order to pander to a Monopoly Corporations windfall profit market without other competition should be evidence enough that those in the lower percentage of incomes in this country will be left without any representative voice! The writing is on the wall and it ain't Graffiti mate!


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