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Sunday, June 05, 2011

TUMEKE EXCLUSIVE: Phil Goff interview: 9am Monday

You simply can not write off part of your community as if they were just another good or chattel and say we have no further use for you and then expect our society to be a decent place in which to live.
Phil Goff

Phil Goff on the free market, free trade to America and the possibility of a double dip recession in the United States. Answers whether NZ is under a Washington Consensus or Beijing Consensus. Talks about mainstream media bias and how to politically sell a capital gains tax.

Expresses his concerns at appointing a Governor General under accusation of circumventing the Geneva Convention and discusses marijuana law reform and the moral and fiscal failure of prisons.

Full interview 9am Monday.

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At 5/6/11 11:01 pm, Blogger Tim said...

As I watch our Public Service broadcaster (TV1) this evening...I note the Mitre 10 MEGA ads too. Advertising cheap bogs (suitable for use with an S and P trap).
There'll be a number of small business struggling plumbers out there cognisant of the irony of it all.
THe cheap bogs when fitted as directed are not likely to ever be used by a Brash or Key ass - or indeed even by an Espiner orGarnered ass.
Still.... if any plumber that had to unblock a sewer will tell you, they could tell what each had for breakfast!
I hope Goff offers something different!


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