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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sleepy Hobbits wont see internet disconnections coming

Darby in anti-piracy ad backlash
Comedian Rhys Darby had made a statement on his website stating that he does not support the government's controversial copyright law change.

Ryhs Darby - the funny bloke we all love to love has done a Green Party by fronting the controversial new 3 strikes internet law while then claiming his sudden lurch to the right doesn't mean he supports the right.

Confused? We all are.

The Government tagged onto the end of the Christchurch rebuild legislation, new law that allows corporations to fine you for downloading copyrighted material. Why this was so bloody urgent, no one was sure and what on earth cutting us off from the internet has to do with rebuilding Christchurch, no one is sure either, in fact no one could really work out why on earth we would hand the power to disconnect NZers from the internet to help the corporate profits in Hollywood. This is a law that the UN itself this week came out and criticized, so the corporations needed a nice smiley Gen X friendly face to sell this outrageous abuse of political power, cue Ryhs Darby.

Ryhs agreed to front the draconian campaign, but then once it was out and the backlash begun, he announced that he didn't in fact support it and put as much distance between him and the new internet law all the money from his 2 Degree contract could allow.

Meanwhile expect the Government to delay implementing the new law until after December because once the sheer volume of sleepy hobbits wake up to fines from Hollywood in their letterboxes threatening to cut them off from the internet, all political hell will break lose, and there's no way National want that a month out from the election.



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