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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Is Hillary Calvert's milkshake what one needs to bring all the boys from the yard?

ACT MP, Hilary Calvert has admitted to using her own eyes in a large poster promoting one of the brothels she owns.


Now, I've never gone to a prostitute before in my life, so I have to acknowledge I'm not the target market for Hilary's poster, but I'm not sure her come hither look is the kind of milkshake one need sto bring all the boys from the yard. Now while Low tax, deregulation Milton Friedman Free Market dogma certainly fucks you while you pay for it, Hilary's Medusa like glare seems to snap shut my wallet and kill off any sexual arousal at the same time. She's like the anti-Viagra.

There's nothing come hither in those eyes.

Perhaps she needs to approach Wellington with a new advertising proposal?



At 1/6/11 9:18 am, Blogger Steve Withers said...

I'd delete this post if I were you. It adds nothing to rational debate on any issue and reflects poorly on you, Bomber.

At 1/6/11 1:12 pm, Blogger Boganette said...

I second the above comment. It's poor fucking form to be commenting on the appearance of female politicians. It's not actually Hillary Calvert's job to give you a boner. This post is sexist fail.

At 1/6/11 3:57 pm, Blogger jane said...

I disagree. There is something disturbing about an MP so flagrantly condoning the sex industry in this manner. MPs are paid quite well to represent people's views and needs and this one, in my opinion, is pushing the envelope. The slathering smile sums up the ACT credo and the comment is valid. Handsome is as handsome does but this is not handsome.

At 2/6/11 12:00 pm, Blogger Boganette said...

What does "condoning the sex industry" even mean?

At 5/6/11 5:53 pm, Blogger Crone said...

Is that cheep as in cheepy, cheepy, cheep (sex)?

At 5/6/11 5:55 pm, Blogger Crone said...

Is that cheep as in "cheepy, cheepy, cheep cheep" (sex)?


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