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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Destiny Church or Destiny's Child? Nasty put your clothes on.

So Shane Jones, Hone Harawira, Pita Sharples and Tau Henare all turned up to Destiny Church this week to have hands placed on them for a big prayer in what actually turned out to be a timeshare pitch for social services out of Government coffers.

So where was Metiria? Destiny Church told everyone they had invited the greens co-leader but the greens co-leader says no invite turned up.

Two things about this

One, if you are organizing a massive political statement, wouldn't you check that the people you've invited actually received the invitations?

For example,
"How many chairs do we need to put on stage with Pope Brian Tamaki"?
"4 chairs"
"4 chairs,who isn't coming"?
"We haven't heard back from the Greens".
"Okay, give them a call will you and check".

See, Metiria didn't come, because Metiria wasn't invited, why? Because Met wouldn't have been nearly as polite as the boys were and would have called Tamaki on his hateful homophobia and jaw dropping sexism.

Which brings us to the second point. Christians aren't supposed to lie, so when the political leader of Destiny Church told Campbell Live an invite was sent to the greens, but it must have been lost in the mail, isn't he breaking one of his own ten commandments? Forget what the electoral office has to say about it, I think Destiny has some questions to answer with God first.

Hone, Pita, Tau and Shane all said as politicians they have to go listen to allsorts of groups and even Metiria said she would have considered going and let's be honest, they are all politicians. Straight after pledging support to Destiny Church, they would all be rushing off to the Gay Sodomites Union to pledge support there, that I think we can all accept, but to the issue of giving taxpayer money to Destiny Church to run social programs, let's just back the rapture up here for a second.

Brian's argument is that the other churches get money, which isn't a justification for giving him some, it's a reminder that we shouldn't be giving any bloody money to any of these religions. You want to help the poor, open up those golden churches you have and hand some back, and it would be a cold day in Hell that we would really want to see any more taxpayer money going to a homophobic sexist slug like Brain...

Destiny hit out over discrimination
Destiny Church has alleged discrimination after it failed to find community partners in its bid to take on work under the Government's Whanau Ora programme. The church, led by Bishop Brian Tamaki, has previously conducted youth training schemes under the Government's Community Max scheme with $860,000 of taxpayer money.

If Brain wants more cash, and God is on his side, how about buying a lotto ticket and let Jesus pick your powerball number Brian, failing that sell your mansion and Harley Davidsons off.

I hate to quote the Bible, but Mark 10:25, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God"



At 9/6/11 4:28 pm, Blogger dcrown said...

"Brian's argument is that the other churches get money, which isn't a justification for giving him some, it's a reminder that we shouldn't be giving any bloody money to any of these religions."

Damn straight, this is the real issue that the media should be chasing.

Nick Smith had an article in the herald about charities which is relevant to the issue.
"The top 10 charities alone own $4.5 billion in assets, including $1.8 billion in investments, according to media reports. And there are 23,000 more of the things out there - just imagine the total earnings, all of it tax-free."

Not only do the churches seek tax payer money for their "charities" but they get to conduct their affairs tax free.
You want to participate in society and politics THEN PAY YOUR

At 9/6/11 5:32 pm, Blogger warriormummy said...

haven't blogged just trying to figure out how to do it, will be back in a sec.

At 10/6/11 8:42 am, Blogger franky said...

you gotta take your hat off to the bish',a coupla hokey cokey eddie longish hand to manchest grabs,lo and behold a cool mil.thats it boys im off to start me a church startin right now ,send me money....ineed money....send money...money...god told me.fankie says.

At 11/6/11 5:35 am, Blogger Newtown News said...

I don't like the idea of government funding going to Destiny. Sure they help vulnerable people in poverty, but for these people it's like getting out of the frying pan and into a pile of manure.

But I'm not opposed to some other churches getting government support for grassroots anti-poverty initiatives. Just as I'm not opposed to the government giving grassroots Maori organisations funding for anti-poverty campaigns. These sorts of groups who operate at the coalface often have better ideas than the bureaucrats in Wellington.


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