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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farmers bleeding the country dry

The average dairy farmer pays less tax than a couple on the pension – raising questions about whether the sector touted as the backbone of the economy is paying its fair share.

As the Government prepares one of the tightest Budgets in recent years, cutting into middle-class family benefits and KiwiSaver subsidies, new figures suggest the cuts will hit those also shouldering the greatest tax burden – wage and salary earners

Inland Revenue Department figures provided to Labour revenue spokesman Stuart Nash show that, in the latest full year for which figures were available, the average tax paid by dairy farms was $1506 a year, despite an average Fonterra payout understood to be well over $500,000.

The 17,244 registered as being in the sector, including companies, trusts and individuals, paid only $26 million in tax.

The figures also show that more than half – 9014 – reported a loss for the 2009 year and 2635 reported trading income of between $1 and $20,000.

Let's get this straight shall we? So the bloody Farmers NOT ONLY get to steal our water, NOT ONLY do they get to pollute our water with cow shit, NOT ONLY do they get to increase global warming gases - which by the way despite all the screams of the right wing climate deniers is STILL happening...

The tipping points of James Hansen, climate scientist
Tipping points - the more we cross, the closer we get to the point of no return, where amplifying feedbacks create runaway climate change. In this possible future, the chaotic mix of rising sea levels, extreme storms, floods and droughts, would lead to ecological collapse, ultimately making our planet uninhabitable.

...NOT ONLY do they get to price gouge dairy to us at the market rates they can charge overseas, NOT ONLY do they get an entire political party for themselves - NOT ONLY ALL THAT!!!!!!!

They also only pay a pittance in tax - in fact they pay less tax than the bloody beneficaries they are always screaming about!

How can one group be so selfish yet be given the kind of reverence only gods walking the planet seem to obtain? Farmers have had it good for a bloody long time and their Political Party has always looked after them, if everyone else has to feel the pinch, why don't Farmers ever feel that pinch?

Farmers are either selfish, all on the verge of economic collapse or being permitted to commit vast tax fraud. Seeing as Bill English's brother is the King of the Farmers, and Bill is having a lignite plant built in his electorate to provide cheap energy for his brothers mates, perhaps we should be asking him?



At 19/5/11 9:07 am, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

This is hardly news. Think about it. When was the last time you heard a farmer complain about tax.

The only they've ever said to me was "can you write XXX on the invoice so I can put it in with the farm bills".

Not only does this reduce their taxable income but they also get to claim back the bloody GST.

At 19/5/11 3:40 pm, Blogger ComputerService.co.nz Ltd said...

And how does this pittance income tax and a GST rebate every two months still give these corporate nipple suckers the ability to continue living life at a loss? Working for Families tax credit, that is how. Even though they dont pay tax in our fair land they still get WFF. I want to know what the avereage WFF paid out to farmers is.

At 19/5/11 7:11 pm, Blogger jane said...

exactly...everything on the farm is a running expense, right down to the underpants


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