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Friday, May 13, 2011

Citizen A - 7.30pm tonight

Citizen A - 7.30pm tonight Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89

Tune in to join Bomber and his revolving panel of bloggers and Auckland opinion shapers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

THIS WEEK: Bloggers Phoebe Fletcher and Tweeter David Slack...

Issue 1: We can't borrow for Kiwisaver but we can borrow $120million per week for tax cuts, who knew smile and wave political capital could let you get away with so much?

Issue 2: The Tai Tokerau by-election has been announced with Hone's resignation from Parliament and the formal setting up of Mana, Labour and the Maori Party are fielding candidates, let's get ready to rumble.

Issue 3: Asian invasion pamphlets dropped off in Auckland suburbs and white supremacists plan to march up Queen st a day before the general election. Anyone else feel like they've woken up at a clan rally wearing a 'I love Glee' t-shirt?

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